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  1. Pablo Kraus

    Proud to B: ecostore is now a B Corp™

    At ecostore, we’ve never just focused on the ‘money’ side of the business. For us it’s always been about making the world a safer place, putting people’s health first and helping them choose products without nasty chemicals.
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  2. Honey roasted carrot hummus with seeded buckwheat crackers

    Honey roasted carrot hummus with seeded buckwheat crackers

    Carrots are still in abundance throughout the year, it’s the one vegetable I see consistently in my weekly veggie box- so I’m always coming up with multiple ways to eat them. This is a fab recipe if you are having guests over for drinks and do try the ‘gluten-free’ buckwheat crackers too, a great way to impress your gluten-free friends.

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  3. container gardening

    How to grow vegetables in containers

    Growing vegetables in containers is fun! You can upcycle ecostore bottles into planters for seedlings or even full grown vegetables. Here are some tips for growing vegetables in containers. 

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  4. persian spiced cauliflower recipe

    Persian spiced cauliflower rice with fried eggs and plum sauce

    Try this persian spiced cauliflower. Great for using up all of the humble cauliflower. For the vegan version just omit the butter and eggs and make a quick tahini dressing to drizzle over instead. 

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  5. Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week Clean Up

    How to host a clean up event

    Find out how to host your own clean up event for Keep New Zealand Beautiful's annual Clean Up Week! This year's Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week is just around the corner, kicking off on World Clean Up Day this Saturday 17 September.

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  6. merino childrens clothing

    How to care for merino childrens clothing

    Merino is such a wonderful, versatile fabric, however you may be wondering how to wash and care for merino to ensure it goes the distance. 

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  7. Recycled Cotton Jumper

    6 recycled fabrics you should know about

    You’re mostly nailing the recycling in your kitchen, but what about in your closet? While the most sustainable garments are the ones already in your wardrobe, at some point in the future, you’re likely to need (and want) to go shopping.

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  8. Spring and Summer Planting

    Planning for spring and summer planting

    In the winter months you’ll no doubt have your beds full of cabbages, caulis, broccoli (those in the South will be able to grow Brussels sprouts too), along with kales, spinach and silverbeet, carrots, beetroot and parsnips, maybe some leeks too.
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  9. Beetroot and Kumara Tian

    Beetroot & Kumara Tian

    Don’t like beetroot? Make this recipe, as a side to family meal, or as a healthy warming lunch - it’s a game changer and a great way to get in one of your ‘five-a-day’. Make it vegan simply by using the substitutes ingredients below.
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  10. Plastic Free Kitchen packaging

    Plastic Free July starts in the kitchen

    Plastic is such a common and useful material in everyday life, it’s often hard to be aware of just how much we consume of it. And because we all need to eat and drink, the kitchen is the room where we can potentially reduce the most plastic.
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