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  1. Pablo Kraus

    Proud to B: ecostore is now a B Corp™

    At ecostore, we’ve never just focused on the ‘money’ side of the business. For us it’s always been about making the world a safer place, putting people’s health first and helping them choose products without nasty chemicals.
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  2. Recycled Cotton Jumper

    6 recycled fabrics you should know about

    You’re mostly nailing the recycling in your kitchen, but what about in your closet? While the most sustainable garments are the ones already in your wardrobe, at some point in the future, you’re likely to need (and want) to go shopping.

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  3. Spring and Summer Planting

    Planning for spring and summer planting

    In the winter months you’ll no doubt have your beds full of cabbages, caulis, broccoli (those in the South will be able to grow Brussels sprouts too), along with kales, spinach and silverbeet, carrots, beetroot and parsnips, maybe some leeks too.
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  4. Beetroot and Kumara Tian

    Beetroot & Kumara Tian

    Don’t like beetroot? Make this recipe, as a side to family meal, or as a healthy warming lunch - it’s a game changer and a great way to get in one of your ‘five-a-day’. Make it vegan simply by using the substitutes ingredients below.
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  5. Plastic Free Kitchen packaging

    Plastic Free July starts in the kitchen

    Plastic is such a common and useful material in everyday life, it’s often hard to be aware of just how much we consume of it. And because we all need to eat and drink, the kitchen is the room where we can potentially reduce the most plastic.
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  6. Guide to buying an e-bike 3

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 3

    In part 3 of the ecostore e-bike guide, we’re going to cover what to look for when taking a test ride, some riding etiquette, and how to treat your battery so it goes the distance.
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  7. Stained shirt needs washing

    Enzymes: why your laundry needs them

    Thanks to enzymes, there’s no need to let that glass of red wine or blob of body lotion destroy your favourite shirt – because those hungry little critters in enzyme-powered laundry detergents are on the case!
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  8. Rhubarb Crumble

    Rhubarb Crumble

    Rhubarb is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, so this should be the crumble your health can get behind. But everything in moderation, right? So there is some sugar - replace this with coconut sugar if inclined, or create a vegan version.
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  9. Woman in yoga pose

    30 Days of Yoga

    I’ve always liked the idea of yoga. When I was 17, I begged the teacher of my local adult community class to let me join, explaining that I was a very mature school student. The façade was shattered from the first class, where I was utterly unable to control my giggling.
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  10. Woman holding hot drink in winter

    Self Care For Winter

    As long as this last summer’s been, it’s inevitable. We’re coming up to winter, when the rainy season sets in. While the mercury rarely takes a dive into minus territory, having less sunshine – which regulates our circadian rhythm – can create metabolic changes that affect our mood and general wellbeing.
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