How to be an eco-bunny

The ecostore guide to a more sustainable Easter

Did you know that last Easter, Kiwis munched their way through 40 million Easter eggs? But we think Easter treats come in all shapes and sizes, egg shaped or otherwise. Like everything here at ecostore, Easter is an opportunity to find a more planet-friendly way of doing things. In the spirit of this, here are 5 ways you can enjoy a few Easter treats and reduce waste this easter.


Eco Easter Tips 

1: DIY treats

When it comes to making your own Easter treats, there are basketloads of ideas on the internet. From crispy chocolate nests, to home made bonbons or Easter-themed cupcakes, doing it yourself is a great way to cut down on packaging. And let’s be honest, homemade treats are so much more meaningful.


2: Pick n’ mix treats

Who says Easter treats have to be mass produced? Why not grab some locally made goodies - think chocolate dipped almonds or a slice cut into small bite size pieces - and pop a selection into reusable jars, along with personalised notes? We guarantee you’ll be the most popular eco Easter bunny around.


3: Non-edible treats

You don’t have to gorge yourself silly to get into the spirit of Easter. Treasure hunts are always a fun time and the treasure doesn’t even have to be edible! Why not decorate some eggs with fine colourful markers and include a written or drawn clue? Or hide other treasures like home made jewellery, lip balms or soaps?


4: Potluck treats

Easter is all about sharing indulgent moments with friends. A potluck feast with your loved ones is a great way to celebrate the season. Of course, you’ll need to ask your guests to keep their contributions conscious of the environment, in the spirit of your eco Easter.


5: The treat of time

Spending a quality moment or two with someone you love, immersed in a fun activity, is a wonderful way to celebrate Easter in an eco-friendly way. Get crafty and create an Easter basket, make a bonnet or bake some hot cross buns. You’ll find plenty of ideas and inspiration online!


So now you have a few tips on how to keep your Easter eco-friendly, it’s time to don the eco-bunny ears and get festive.