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Body Care
Body Care

Ultra sensitive

Body Care

We use essential oils and fractions in most ecostore products because they smell beautiful, and they’re more sustainable than synthetic fragrances. But even natural scents can cause an allergic reaction in very sensitive people. So we created this range to be both gentle and fragrance free. The complete Ultra Sensitive range is endorsed by the Sensitive Choice® programme. Our most popular products are dermatologically tested and proven to be a better choice for people with sensitivities.

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Did you know?
All our bottles are made from sugar plastic.
  1. Ultra Sensitive Body Wash
    Ultra Sensitive Body Wash
    from NZD$7.99
  2. Ultra Sensitive Hand Wash New
    Ultra Sensitive Hand Wash
    from NZD$7.99



  3. Ultra Sensitive Goat's Milk Soap
    Ultra Sensitive Goat's Milk Soap
    from NZD$2.96
  4. Ultra Sensitive Shampoo
    Ultra Sensitive Shampoo
    from NZD$99.99
  5. Ultra Sensitive Body Lotion
    Ultra Sensitive Body Lotion
    from NZD$14.95
  6. Ultra Sensitive Conditioner
    Ultra Sensitive Conditioner
    from NZD$4.99