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Accessories & Extras
Accessories & Extras

Accessories & Extras

From buckets to brushes – choose the eco-friendly extras that make cleaning and caring for your home easy.

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Did you know?
All our bottles are made from sugar plastic.
  1. Dishwashing Brush
    Dishwashing Brush
    Special Price NZD$4.21 Regular Price NZD$4.95
  2. Dishwashing Brush Replacement Head
    Dishwashing Brush Replacement Head
    Special Price NZD$3.36 Regular Price NZD$3.96
  3. Recycled Bucket
    Recycled Bucket
    Special Price NZD$6.37 Regular Price NZD$7.50
  4. Vegetable Scrubbing Brush
    Vegetable Scrubbing Brush
    Special Price NZD$7.61 Regular Price NZD$8.95
  5. Ecoman Book By Malcolm Rands
    Ecoman Book By Malcolm Rands
    Special Price NZD$8.50 Regular Price NZD$10.01
  6. ecostore Jute Bag
    ecostore Jute Bag
    Special Price NZD$10.63 Regular Price NZD$12.50
  7. ecostore Tote Bag
    ecostore Tote Bag
    Special Price NZD$4.24 Regular Price NZD$4.99