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  1. Pablo Kraus

    Proud to B: ecostore is now a B Corp™

    At ecostore, we’ve never just focused on the ‘money’ side of the business. For us it’s always been about making the world a safer place, putting people’s health first and helping them choose products without nasty chemicals.
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  2. How to be an eco-bunny

    How to be an eco-bunny

    Did you know that last Easter, Kiwis munched their way through 40 million Easter eggs? But we think Easter treats come in all shapes and sizes, egg shaped or otherwise. Like everything here at ecostore, Easter is an opportunity to find a more planet-friendly way of doing things. In the spirit of this, here are 5 ways you can enjoy a few Easter treats and reduce waste this easter.

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  3. Recycled Cotton Jumper

    6 recycled fabrics you should know about

    You’re mostly nailing the recycling in your kitchen, but what about in your closet? While the most sustainable garments are the ones already in your wardrobe, at some point in the future, you’re likely to need (and want) to go shopping.

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  4. Plastic Free Kitchen packaging

    Plastic Free July starts in the kitchen

    Plastic is such a common and useful material in everyday life, it’s often hard to be aware of just how much we consume of it. And because we all need to eat and drink, the kitchen is the room where we can potentially reduce the most plastic.
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  5. Guide to buying an e-bike 3

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 3

    In part 3 of the ecostore e-bike guide, we’re going to cover what to look for when taking a test ride, some riding etiquette, and how to treat your battery so it goes the distance.
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  6. Children holding plastic recycling bottles

    It’s Global Recycling Day

    Every year, us humans take billions of tonnes of resources from the earth. And each year we return billions of tonnes back to the earth. As landfill. Global Recycling Day every March 18 is a good chance to rethink what we buy, bring home and chuck out.
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  7. Basket full of tomatoes

    Digging around in urban community gardens

    While the media portrays mass divides, the past two years has illuminated the pockets of community who are willing to come together against all odds. As the price of necessities continues to rise - with little change in wages - a community garden is a perfect way to counter some of the issues that many people are facing.
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  8. Guide to buying an e-bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 2

    An e-bike is a pretty big investment. So while the style you choose is absolutely a personal decision, to find the best bike for your buck, part 2 of our e-bike guide will walk through some of the key features to think about before you buy.
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  9. E-Bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 1

    At the recent COP 26, there was a lot of discussion around our collective need to shift to electric vehicles, of the four-wheel variety. But when it came to talking about the zero-emission vehicle with the lowest cost, with the greatest benefits for the health of both people and planet…? Crickets.
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  10. BBQ Vegetables

    Embracing Veganism for the Holidays

    At one of this year’s Christmas parties, I managed to wear my ugly Christmas sweater for about 5 minutes as I walked from the venue to my car, long after my regular bedtime - yet another reminder that some of our seasonal traditions at this time of the year are woefully discordant.
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