5 tips for a more sustainable spring clean

Who doesn’t love a good Spring spruce up? Whether you’re looking to give your home (or yourself) a bit of a freshen up, we have all the ideas you need to keep your efforts planet-friendly.


Tip 1: Donate or upcycle your clutter

Before you clean, you need to clear. Instead of mindlessly throwing all your unneeded household items into the bin, stop and think about whether you could repurpose them, or whether they might be useful for someone else. The old toothbrushes in the bathroom cabinet make great mini scrubbing brushes for those hard to reach areas of your home (like behind the tap). Just soak them in boiling water first. An empty trigger spray bottle could be just the thing for misting your houseplants. An old dress in a pretty pattern could be given a new lease of life by a handy sew-and-sew. Failing that, there’s always charity donations, freecycling or a $1 reserve auction.

Tip 2: Opt for low-tox mould-busting

Thankfully, bleach is not the only way to deal with mould. In fact, a vinegar solution has been found to be MORE effective on porous surfaces than bleach. It’s less toxic and also won’t ruin your soft furnishings in case of accidental drippage. To make your own mould-killing solution, simply mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then apply the solution to mould patches and if possible, leave for a while before wiping off. For more stubborn spots, spray with neat white vinegar and leave for an hour.

Tip 3: Let your house breathe too

Flooding your home with warm, dry air is a sustainable way to give it a blast of freshness at the end of a cold, damp winter. The trick is to make sure you have removed all dust and mould first, so any breezes don’t dislodge harmful allergens. Make sure you open as many windows and doors as you can for a good few hours. And then consider leaving windows slightly open for a few days to really let your house - and its inhabitants - breathe more easily.

Tip 4: Go plant-based

We’re obviously passionate about plant-based home and body care products, but did you know that actual plants will clean the air in your home? Our top three purification superstars are the Peace Lily, Snake Plant and Weeping fig. Don’t forget to do some research to figure out the ideal conditions for each plant. This will help you decide where they are most likely to thrive so they can get to work on absorbing toxins and reducing the air pollution in your home.

Tip 5: Use our Cleaner Refill Concentrates

Our range of powerful Cleaner Refill Concentrates are here to keep your home, and the world, a little cleaner. Tiny glass bottles and super concentrated, they’re designed to refill your spray bottles, reducing plastic waste by 90% (compared to a 500ml bottle) and saving you money. Just as effective, with the same plant and mineral-based actives that you know and trust. All you need to do is mix with water in your spray bottle, shake and spray! It’s one small step in our journey to make the most sustainable packaging and best value products we can.