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Plastic Return Programme

ecostore Plastic Return Programme

Turning old packaging into new bottles

We want our empty bottles back – because the planet doesn’t need them, but we do.

We want to change the way ecostore bottles are recycled. Currently, they are contributing to a recycling system that is overloaded. This leads to plastic ending up in our oceans or being shipped overseas to become someone else’s problem.

To combat this, we've created our own closed loop recycling system. We want to get our bottles back so we can ensure they are remade into new ecostore bottles again, and again.

So use what’s inside them, then return the bottles back to us through one of the many collection locations throughout the country. We’ll grind them down into small, easy-to-melt chips and then re-mould them into brand new bottles.

ecostore Plastic Return Programme

Find a Bottle Drop near you

Use the map to find all our Bottle Drop locations at participating specialty stores and schools.

Please check ahead with your local collection point, as some may be private, closed or not running bottle drops all year round.