Most people on the planet now live in cities. Bumpspace believes it’s everyone's right to live in affordable and sustainable housing with easy access to green space. They especially believe it's everyone’s right to live in a neighbourhood where you feel you belong; a neighbourhood where everyone knows your name when they 'bump' into you.

Fairground Foundation and our ethical partners are planning to build the first Bumpspace development in Auckland. Following the project’s success, they will share the intellectual property with any other developer that wants to follow suit. Profits from Bumpspace will ultimately be used to help make our world an even better place.


The Bucket project supports local conservation heroes to look after our environment. Bucket are currently building a digital giving app with a flora and fauna focus. They envisage hundreds of conservation groups using this platform to raise funds, so that they can do good in their own backyards and beyond.

From increasing endangered species populations, to eradicating pests and repopulating native flora and fauna, Bucket will help us to collectively create a better world for generations to come.