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  1. Claire Robbie

    When the 'Overwhelm' kicks in

    The building feeling that everything is all too much, that life is getting away from us, that we just can’t cope or have too much on our plates, seems to be almost a fact of modern life.
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  2. Close up hand journaling

    The art (and science) of journaling

    Last year I attended an online writers’ workshop - which left me feeling more inspired than ever. I proudly declared to my fellow writing friends that I would be putting pen to paper every day for at least 20 minutes.
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  3. Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Five years ago, that title alone might have scared me off. When you’re younger, your whole life seems to revolve around your social life and your friendships are easy to maintain when you see them every day at school or university.
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  4. Tokyo Paralympics 2020

    Paralympics Tokyo: through a new lens

    The Olympics are a problematic favourite of mine. I became known for taking a week of annual leave to allow myself to watch events in the middle of the night for Rio 2016. For Tokyo 2020, the time difference was easier to manage, but my looming deadlines got in the way of the level of viewing I had anticipated. There is always a wave of disappointment when the closing ceremony rolls around, but it’s only temporary, as it means the Paralympic Games are fast approaching.
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  5. Hiking in Milford Sounds

    Preparing for an action holiday

    Keen to try an ‘active’ holiday, explore the outdoors a little more, or even just get in shape for some summer sports? It’s not that far away, although the current weather would have us think differently.

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  6. November is World Vegan Month

    November is World Vegan Month

    World Vegan Month is almost as old as myself, celebrating 27 years in 2021, yet somehow this is the first year I’ve paid much attention. I’m fairly certain it’s because in our 11th week of lockdown in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau, I had been spending more time online than anyone should. The month kicks off on November 1st with World Vegan Day - established in 1994 to celebrate 50 years of the UK Vegan Society, it has grown exponentially in popularity since its inception.
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  7. On seeking the elusive work-life balance

    On seeking the elusive work-life balance

    I’m tired of hearing the stories about people who quit their day job, and now work remotely from a poolside in Bali or found their passion as a fulltime cupcake decorator. Surely that is not the answer for all of us, there has to be a large number of us stuck in the humdrum of fulltime work for society to function as it does.
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  8. Practicing Hygge: The Cosy Antidote To Winter

    Practicing Hygge: The Cosy Antidote To Winter

    My mum immigrated to New Zealand more than a decade before I was born, but even now, I’d say she still hasn’t fully adjusted to the cooler climate. So while I’ve never lived anywhere where it snows during winter, I grew up practicing hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) - the now ridiculously popular Danish concept of cosiness.

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  9. Exercising with Asthma

    Exercising with Asthma

    Exercise can be challenging enough for many people but for those who suffer from asthma it can be especially difficult. Both the fear of triggering an asthma attack and not understanding or knowing what types of exercise might be suitable and beneficial can prevent many people from getting involved in regular exercise.
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  10. Common Challenges in Yoga Practice

    Common Challenges in Yoga Practice

    Honestly, I feel like I could set up a whole Instagram account of ‘yoga hacks’ with ways to approach common challenges when you…
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