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  1. Woman in yoga pose

    30 Days of Yoga

    I’ve always liked the idea of yoga. When I was 17, I begged the teacher of my local adult community class to let me join, explaining that I was a very mature school student. The façade was shattered from the first class, where I was utterly unable to control my giggling.
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  2. Woman holding hot drink in winter

    Self Care For Winter

    As long as this last summer’s been, it’s inevitable. We’re coming up to winter, when the rainy season sets in. While the mercury rarely takes a dive into minus territory, having less sunshine – which regulates our circadian rhythm – can create metabolic changes that affect our mood and general wellbeing.
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  3. Stressed woman at desk

    10 signs you are more stressed out than you think (and what to do about it right now)

    We are living in what I believe to be a truly stressful time for many. So many things are piled high on our plates, yet it has also become the norm for a lot people that we do not often realise we are far more stressed than we think.
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  4. Stop Food Cravings

    How to stop cravings in their tracks

    Struggling with cravings? For many people trying to manage their weight, dealing with sugar cravings and the urge to overeat anything sweet is a constant, uphill battle. Have you ever noticed that the more you try to limit what you eat, or use ‘willpower’ to only have one sweet treat, the hungrier and more out of control you feel? I have great news for you; it’s not your fault and it can be changed.
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  5. Young woman relaxing with eyes closed

    Doing self-care in a post-pandemic world

    As we approach the two year mark of a devastating global pandemic, with no end in sight - it can feel redundant to be setting new goals for the year. I'm exhausted and I'm willing to bet you are too. As many of us cycle in and out of lockdowns, working from home, working on the frontlines, balancing childcare and deciphering misinformation on the daily, it's no wonder we are feeling burnt out.
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  6. Exercises to avoid

    6 exercises to avoid (and what to do instead)

    Not all exercises are created equal. It’s a lot like food; some foods are great for everybody; some foods are terrible and cause a lot of health issues for people and some foods sit in the middle where we think they are good for us, but often they can cause us issues that we are not aware of. Here are some exercises to reconsider, and what to try instead.
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  7. Sparkling water with lime

    Resetting our relationship with alcohol

    Humans have been drinking alcohol since the moment we realised what happens when fruit ferments. It’s a substance that has been woven into the fabric of our being and now in the modern world, everywhere we look there are bars, alcohol stores, and advertising for new and exciting alcohol products to try. 
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  8. November is World Vegan Month

    November is World Vegan Month

    World Vegan Month is almost as old as myself, celebrating 27 years in 2021, yet somehow this is the first year I’ve paid much attention. I’m fairly certain it’s because in our 11th week of lockdown in Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau, I had been spending more time online than anyone should. The month kicks off on November 1st with World Vegan Day - established in 1994 to celebrate 50 years of the UK Vegan Society, it has grown exponentially in popularity since its inception.
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  9. Bare feet in the forest

    A Clean Slate

    I stumbled upon a poem recently and it resonated deeply. We’re at a time here in New Zealand where we are forced to slow down, potentially to reassess. Being at home with fewer distractions, the monotony of staying in one place can affect all of us in different ways.
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  10. Tokyo Paralympics 2020

    Paralympics Tokyo: through a new lens

    The Olympics are a problematic favourite of mine. I became known for taking a week of annual leave to allow myself to watch events in the middle of the night for Rio 2016. For Tokyo 2020, the time difference was easier to manage, but my looming deadlines got in the way of the level of viewing I had anticipated. There is always a wave of disappointment when the closing ceremony rolls around, but it’s only temporary, as it means the Paralympic Games are fast approaching.
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