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  1. A proactive approach to immunity

    A proactive approach to immunity

    Our bodies are incredible – something to be marvelled. Headaches, sniffles, aches, and pains are not our body's way of punishing us for no reason. These symptoms are our body trying to bring us back into a balanced healthy state – flushing out nasty bugs and viruses from our system.
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  2. Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Winter is a tough time for many of us to keep our health and wellness routines on track, but this year has been a real doozy. They say life happens while we are busy planning other things and I have to say, life really caught us off guard this time.
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  3. Allergies and Exercising

    Allergies and Exercising

    It might not seem like winter is leaving us anytime soon with some of our recent cold snaps, which can wreak havoc with our best laid plans to exercise, but rest assured it will soon be on its way out.
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  4. The importance of nutrition for immunity

    The importance of nutrition for immunity

    There’s a lot of worry about getting sick right now. Being proactive, empowered and feeling protected is a bit of an antidote to all that anxiety. So where do we start by thinking about how to power up our immunity?
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  5. Self Care 101

    Self Care 101

    Even if you’ve never set foot on an aircraft, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the instruction to ‘put your own mask on before helping others’. It’s because you are no use to anyone else if your own needs are not being met.
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  6. Exercising when you're less mobile

    Exercising when you're less mobile

    Exercising with limited mobility might be a little more challenging but it is definitely worth the extra effort and creativity. The benefits of improved mood, relieving stress and boosting self-esteem are just some of the great reasons to include movement into your routine and go a long way to creating a happy, healthy life.

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  7. The power of self acceptance

    The power of self acceptance

    The start of a new year is always a strange time, often a mix of excitement and anxiety of what the next twelve months may hold. In 2018, instead of spending those weird days in between Christmas and New Year’s Day dwelling on all my shortcomings, I did the opposite. I listed all of my favourite things I did that year and looked at everything I had achieved.

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  8. How to start a healthy morning routine

    How to start a healthy morning routine

    Starting your morning with the right tone can make a massive difference to energy levels, productivity at work, and how you perceive the day ahead.

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  9. What is Ikigai and how to find it?

    What is Ikigai and how to find it?

    The French call it ‘raison d’être’, but it’s the Japanese who have elevated finding one’s ‘reason for being’ into an art form – summed up perfectly in the word Ikigai.  So what exactly is Ikigai, and how do you get this good thing in your life?

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  10. Best workouts for a small space

    Best workouts for a small space

    No space or equipment? Want to work out? No problem! In fact, this is an absolute favourite of mine – I love working out using just my own body weight for resistance and conditioning. And the small space means I have all I need at hand and don’t need to clear anything away, move furniture or avoid exercising due to the location I’m in.
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