Resetting our relationship with alcohol

Humans have been drinking alcohol since the moment we realised what happens when fruit ferments. It’s a substance that has been woven into the fabric of our being and now in the modern world, everywhere we look there are bars, alcohol stores, and advertising for new and exciting alcohol products to try. 

And there are some of us who can drink mindfully. People who can take it or leave it, go for long periods without drinking and then when they do have a drink, it’s just one glass of something that they enjoy purely in that moment. 

But most people don’t fit into the category above. The above isn’t the ‘norm’ and most definitely not here in New Zealand.

It’s been five years since I had a drink. I most definitely did not fit into that category above. Like many, my off switch was completely deregulated and once I’d had one or two glasses of wine it was all systems go. 

10 years ago, I decided to give up drinking for a year and it wasn’t until that commitment that I realised what a problem and coping mechanism alcohol had become for me. I had to relearn how to relax, how to have fun, get excited and socialise without a glass in my hand, and it was hard. In fact, it took me years.

After two years of sobriety, I went back to drinking, doing my best to moderate, to only drink at social occasions and when I did, to try and only have one. The chatter in my head became too much and then five years ago I stopped for good. 

This time it was easier. This time I had a strong foundation of meditative practices and other tools and by this stage, I’d experienced a paradigm shift - the fact that I wasn’t missing out on ANYTHING. In fact, there were absolutely no negative aspects to being alcohol-free, only positives. 

I now spend my days helping others reset their relationship with alcohol through a programme I have created called The Reset. Here are some helpful tips if you’re looking to perhaps shift your relationship with the bottle:

1. Commit to going alcohol-free for three months. 

One month isn’t enough. Over 90 days, the body has time to detox, and we also have more of an opportunity to recondition our thinking and behaviour. 

2. Get rid of all the booze from your house and replace it with delicious alternatives. 

3. Add positives into your life. 

In the space where you would usually drink or be hungover, plan activities that get you outside and also meeting others. 

4. Learn to meditate. 

Meditation is the most profound way to shift old patterns and learn about ourselves. 

5. Find your why. 

This is the most important aspect as during your wobbly moments, why you stopped needs to be what you come back to. 

The global pandemic and lockdowns have exacerbated the already horrific drinking stats and alcohol consumption levels around the world. But it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing - if you feel your drinking is dimming your light, that’s enough for you to move from and make some changes. Ask for help if you need to. 


If you’d like to get in touch with me about your drinking you can message me at [email protected] or find me on IG at @clairerobbie.