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  1. Lamb Shank Quinoa Soup

    Lamb Shank Quinoa Soup

    This recipe came about out of vivid memories of the Lamb Shank Pearl Barley soup my nan used to make often. It’s got all the flavours of this old time favourite, just with a whole lot more goodness.
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  2. Growing Healthy Fruit Trees

    Growing Healthy Fruit Trees

    Winter is the best time of the year to plant pip and stone fruit. At this time of year you’ll be able to buy bare-rooted fruit trees. The advantages of a bare-rooted fruit tree are they can have up to twice as many roots as trees in bags and they usually cost less.
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  3. The Return of the Book Club

    The Return of the Book Club

    With the shortest day of the year behind us, it is the perfect time for a midyear reset. Every year, I plan to read more than the previous year, some years it happens, others you would never know that I even made an attempt. My list of ‘books I want to read’ continues to grow faster than I can get through them, so choosing which title comes next is becoming increasingly difficult.
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  4. The Most Eco-friendly Way To Wash Dishes

    The Most Eco-friendly Way To Wash Dishes

    Since the invention of the dishwasher in 1850, there’s been a debate about who does the dishes better – humans or machines. Now, with that early prototype, the answer was pretty obvious. But what about now?
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  5. Lee-Anne Wann

    My 2 secrets to staying motivated in Winter

    We all know how much of a challenge exercising can be, and especially so in the colder months. There are two things that keep me going when my own mojo has deserted me.
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  6. Claire Robbie

    When the 'Overwhelm' kicks in

    The building feeling that everything is all too much, that life is getting away from us, that we just can’t cope or have too much on our plates, seems to be almost a fact of modern life.
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  7. Close up hand journaling

    The art (and science) of journaling

    Last year I attended an online writers’ workshop - which left me feeling more inspired than ever. I proudly declared to my fellow writing friends that I would be putting pen to paper every day for at least 20 minutes.
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  8. Butter Chickpea Curry recipe

    Butter Chickpea Curry recipe

    This recipe for butter chickpea curry has become a favourite since we started making it for our Auckland-based meal delivery service. We’ve used roasted cashew butter and coconut milk to give it a luscious, creamy texture. It’s perfect to have with rice or flatbreads and freezes really well.
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  9. How to get kids to help you clean

    How to get kids to help you clean

    American comedian Phyllis Diller once observed "Cleaning the house while your kids are still growing is like shovelling the walk before it stops snowing." A sentiment most parents can sympathise with. But while it’s challenging to keep things shipshape with kids at home, there are a few strategies to make things easier on the orderly front.
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  10. Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    This endeavour (like most creative things I undertake) was sparked by a desire to prove my imaginary haters wrong. I saw a recipe by Whittaker’s about their vegan caramel Easter eggs, and thought – I’ll show you (no one), I can make that!

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