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  1. Save native birds in your backyard

    Save native birds in your backyard

    As we write this, it’s Conservation Week/Te Wiki Tiaki Ao Tūroa in New Zealand. And because of COVID-19, the country is also at levels 4 and 3 lockdown. So while we all need to stay at home – this is an excellent opportunity to think about how we can protect our native wildlife right in our own backyard.
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  2. Organic seedling sprouting

    How to grow best-ever organic seedlings

    Sowing seed and growing seedlings on is a skill that’s truly worth having. In this time where we can be in Lockdown within hours, having seeds in your fridge and some good quality potting mix on hand means you can grow food.
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  3. How to create a critter friendly garden

    How to create a critter friendly garden

    It seems the truly wild places on earth are shrinking, and with this, many species are diminishing too. But we can play our part in restoring their numbers by creating a habitat for these species right in our own backyards.
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  4. Summer in the Organic Edible Garden

    Summer in the Organic Edible Garden

    It’s the season when we enjoy an abundance of food from the garden. If you haven’t got them in yet, there’s still time to plant tomatoes, beans, capsicum, eggplant, chilli, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, sweetcorn, and watermelon. In fact many people in cooler areas will not have planted these crops yet due to it still being cold at night.

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  5. How to grow onions and leeks

    How to grow onions and leeks

    Onions and leeks are not often grown by home gardeners because they’re so cheap to buy, but with onions being one of the most heavily sprayed crops when grown conventionally, we like to grow our own organically.
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  6. How To Grow Strawberries

    How To Grow Strawberries

    There’s nothing that says Summer better than Strawberries and the middle of Winter is the time to plant them! If you don’t have any growing at your place, they’re just coming into the shops now (mid-June). If you’ve been growing new plants from the runners of old ones, they will have been ready for a month or so by now and you can actually start planting these homegrown plants from mid-May onwards.
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  7. 6 Ways To Be A Hero To Bees

    6 Ways To Be A Hero To Bees

    This September is Bee Aware Month in Aotearoa New Zealand. As the start of spring, it’s a great month for us humans to step up and ‘bee a hero’ – and take action to help our local bees.
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  8. How To Build Healthy Soil

    How To Build Healthy Soil

    Spring is the time we think about the soil that’s going to grow our summer bounty. There’s so much advice out there as well as loads of good products and it can be very confusing. There are fertilisers, and there are soil conditioners and while they’re different from one another, they’re both essential for good soil health.
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  9. How to grow asparagus

    How to grow asparagus & stop greens going to seed

    Newly planted summer vegetables have been thriving on the extra water we've seen in recent weeks, especially given the water restrictions in place for parts of New Zealand and Australia. In this blog post we discuss how to plant asparagus and why some leafy greens planted in spring have the annoying habit of going to seed early on.
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  10. Autumn 2021 in the Organic Edible Garden

    Autumn 2021 in the Organic Edible Garden

    Autumn is the time to enjoy the last of our fruiting crops - capsicums and eggplants are pumping out fruit - and we sow seeds for our brassicas (kale, cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli) to enjoy over the winter months.
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