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Ultra Sensitive Shampoo 350ml

Gently cleanse, hydrate, add shine and help protect the scalp, with this fragrance free formulation - for soft, healthy-looking hair.
  • Approved by Sensitive Choice®

  • Dermatologically certified for sensitive skin

  • Free from fragrance and colourants

  • Safer for those with allergies or asthma

  • Cruelty Free
  • GE Free
  • Greywater Suitable
  • Made in NZ
  • Soap Free
  • Vegan


When developing our products, we check all our ingredients against international safety standards.
If there’s ever any doubt about an ingredient’s safety, we look for an alternative.
We make our products to the highest quality and environmental standards, so you can be sure they’re safer for you and our world.

Fragrance: Fragrance Free


Our hair care is a breakthrough in beautifully healthy hair without compromise. Our Ultra Sensitive Shampoo gently cleans and restores shine.


Massage gently into hair and rinse thoroughly. For best results use with ecostore Ultra Sensitive Conditioner.


Our bottles are made from renewable sugarcane plastic, which is 100% recyclable and helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Note: our bulk containers (5L) are made from standard HDPE plastic.


The ingredients in our Shampoo are suitable for your septic tank and are safer for the environment. With proper greywater systems in place, the water from your bath or shower can safely be re-used on your flower gardens, lawns and trees.


Our Shampoo is made in NZ to the strictest environmental standards in our ISO 14001:2015, Toitu enviromark diamond and Toitu net carbonzero certified factory.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’d like to find out more about another topic or can’t find what you’re looking for here, please check out our full FAQ list.

What does the Sensitive Choice Blue Butterfly mean?
The Sensitive Choice Programme assists people with allergies and respiratory issues identify products that may be more beneficial to them. This product approval scheme is run by the National Asthma Council Australia and The Asthma & Respiratory Association NZ.

All products approved are robustly assessed by an independent panel which includes:

  • a respiratory physician
  • an allergist
  • a general practitioner
  • a pharmacist
  • a chemist
  • an engineer
What does 'Dermatologically Tested for Sensitive Skin' mean?
These products have been tested by an independent laboratory in Europe using a RIPT test method (Repeat Insult Patch Test) on a self selected Sensitive Skin panel of 50 usually in the age group of 20-60. In this method, a small amount of product is applied on the back of a person then covered with a semi occlusive patch. The product is re applied on the same spot another 9 times within a span of 3 weeks. Then the patch is removed and no product is applied for next the two weeks calling this phase a resting phase. After such time, the product once again is applied to the same spot and another random spot to see if any reaction has occured. If there is no reaction in both sites then they are passed as non-sensitising
What does 'No Colourants' mean?
There are no dyes or colourants added to the product. These can sometimes be irritating to the skin.
Could these products cause a flare up in my allergies?
These products have been assessed by an independent panel of health professionals and been approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ and the National Asthma Council of Australia however depending on the specific nature of your skin, a patch test is recommended – For topically applied products. Consult your skin specialist for advice before use if you have concerns.
Can I use the Ultra Sensitive range of products on my baby?
The Ultra Sensitive laundry liquid, laundry powder and fabric softener are perfect to use with baby clothes and linen. We also recommend the Ultra Sensitive bar soap, and body lotion for babies. In addition, we have our lightly scented baby care range that has be dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
Can I use these products if I am pregnant?
Yes, the Ultra Sensitive range is safe to be used on pregnant women.
Do the Ultra Sensitive products work as well as the other products?
Yes, Ultra Sensitive products work just as well. All our products are formulated to be as mild on skin as possible. With the Ultra Sensitive range, we have omitted the addition of fragrances to minimise the potential for irritation and allergic reactions.
The products have an unusual base odour, what is this?
We use ingredients derived from plants and minerals - they can retain some base scent which can be noticed especially when no fragrance is present.
What is sugar plastic?
We’re committed to making products that are safer for people and our world. So it’s natural, that we also look to continually improve our packaging. We wanted a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic and we found one. It'\s plastic made from sugarcane. It comes from a completely renewable, sustainable source, and it’s 100% recyclable. Plus, the sugarcane we use for our packaging removes carbon from the atmosphere, which helps reduce climate change. We think that’s a pretty sweet start. Find out more.
Are your products tested on animals?
No, none of our products have been (or ever will be) tested on animals.
Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, all of our products are suitable for vegetarians.
Are your products suitable for vegans?
A lot of our products are vegan-friendly, however some of our products do contain goat's milk, Manuka honey, beeswax or propolis from bees. These ingredients are carefully selected and must meet certain criteria before we use them. They must be sustainably harvested and animal welfare assured.
Are your products GE / GMO free?
None of our plant-based ingredients come from genetically modified crops such as corn or soy. While we’re against GE field trials, we agree with organisations like Greenpeace that there’s a place for the ethical development of GE in laboratories, for producing medicines like insulin, or useful enzymes. The enzymes used in our auto dish powders, dish tabs and laundry products are a result of genetically engineered micro-organisms.
Are you products gluten free?
Our products are not certified as gluten free. While the chance of our products triggering an allergic reaction to gluten are low, it cannot be ruled out. Our Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap, Manuka & Oatmeal Soap and Baby Soap may contain gluten. Some of the surfactants in our products can be derived from corn eg: coco-glucoside but it's the fatty acid component (not the protein which is what triggers an allergy). If a sensitivity is severe to any material derived from corn then please avoid our Dish Liquid, Baby Shampoo, and Bubble Bath. As well as the specific products containing gluten mentioned above, any ingredient that ends with GLUCOSIDE will have come from corn.
Are your products organic?
No, our products are not organic. While we do work with our suppliers to try and trace our raw materials to source and of course work with suppliers that we know have strong ethical sourcing criteria we cannot currently claim organic as some of our ingredients do require chemical processing.  We do undertake continuous improvement and as new technologies become available we switch out those chemically processed materials for the most sustainable options.
Can I recycle the packaging?
Yes. Our bottles are made from sugar plastic which is 100% recyclable at kerbside. Our FSC Cardboard packaging is also 100% recyclable. Our bulk containers (5L and 20L) are made from standard HDPE plastic, which may have some restrictions on recycling due to the size. Please check with your local council as to their own restrictions.
Do any of your products contain alcohol?
Yes. Some of our products do contain Benzyl Alcohol which occurs naturally in apricots, snap beans, cocoa, cranberries, mushrooms and honey. It also occurs in some essential oils such as Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. We use it as a preservative to ensure our products are adequately protected from expiring. It's one of the few preservatives allowed in Ecocert certified products. It is a safe, globally approved and effective preservative that we believe is our best option for now and the near future. 
Do any of your products contain palm oil?
Palm oil is a complex and emotive topic. We are committed to using certified, sustainable palm oil as it is a healthier and safer alternative to petrochemicals. It requires significantly less land than coconut for an equivalent yield. Our goal is to contribute positively to the overall transformation of the palm oil industry, through support of certified and sustainable sources. While we believe certified, sustainable palm oil is the best option for now, we also regularly assess alternatives. Find out more.