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  1. Goodbye buy buy - Responsible Decluttering Pt 1

    Goodbye buy buy - Responsible Decluttering Pt 1

    It appears we have once again reached peak Kondo. Marie Kondo's Netflix series has created a second wave of people around the globe discarding possessions that don't 'spark joy'.
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  2. The beginnings of play for babies 3-6 months

    The beginnings of play for babies 3-6 months

    The fourth trimester has come to an end and our little baby is starting to be aware of their surroundings. You've been focusing on establishing healthy sleep patterns and now their wake cycles are stretching so playtime becomes more of a norm than just a few minutes here and there.
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  3. Bullet Journaling for beginners

    Bullet Journaling for beginners

    I'm not entirely sure how I first discovered bullet journaling, but it was definitely on some form of social media. When you search Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube for "bullet journal" or "bujo" there's a terrifying number of beautiful spreads that seem truly impossible to recreate.

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  4. An (almost) zero waste home

    An (almost) zero waste home

    A family of four living in suburbia with day jobs and a fast-paced life - we are what I'd consider to be a pretty typical household, living in a pretty typical way.
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  5. A healthier Easter treat for kids

    A healthier Easter treat for kids

    While not wanting to be an Easter Grinch, it is nice to have some treats that aren't loaded with sugar or highly processed ingredients at this time of year. These delicious bliss balls not only taste amazing but they will also fill the kids up as they contain healthy fats from coconut and raw cacao butter - leaving less room for the sugary treats!
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  6. Planting in the Autumn Garden

    Planting in the Autumn Garden

    Autumn is a great time to be in the garden. The nights are cooling off but the days are mild and warm. Summer crops are coming to an end, so it's time to pull out the spent plants and prepare the beds for cool weather crops.
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