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Ultra Sensitive Fabric Softener 1L

A blend of plant-based conditioners keeps clothes and bed linens beautifully soft and gentle on skin. Safer for those with allergies or asthma. Use with Ultra Sensitive Laundry Liquid.
  • Approved by Sensitive Choice®

  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin

  • Free from fragrance and colourants

  • Safer for those with allergies or asthma

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  • Cruelty Free
  • GE Free
  • Greywater Suitable
  • Made in NZ
  • Septic Tank Suitable
  • Vegan


When developing our products, we check all our ingredients against international safety standards.
If there’s ever any doubt about an ingredient’s safety, we look for an alternative.
We make our products to the highest quality and environmental standards, so you can be sure they’re safer for you and our world.

Fragrance: Fragrance Free


Formulated from plant-based ingredients and independently tested to ensure excellent results and an effective clean, while minimising environmental impact.


Machine washing: pour 1 capful into the fabric softener dispensing unit of your machine before washing, or dilute and add to the final rinse. Do not pour directly onto clothes.
Hand washing: add ½ capful to the final rinse of your hand wash.
To help you use only as much as we recommend, we've included a handy measuring cap on the bottles, so you get the most washes per pack:
500ml = 14 washes
1L = 28 washes
5L = 140 washes


Our bottles contain a mix of sugar plastic (a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows) and locally sourced recycled plastic. Note: our bulk containers (5L) are standard HDPE plastic.


The ingredients in our Ultra Sensitive Fabric Softener are safer for the environment. With proper greywater systems in place, the water from your laundry can safely be re-used on your flower gardens, lawns and trees.

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