ecostore Smoothing Haircare Bar

Shine, Smooth, Define.

NEW Smoothing Shampoo Bar

  • Enriched with the proven smoothing power of flaxseed oil
  • Fights frizz and defines curls​
  • For best results, follow with our Nourishing Conditioner Bar

"I'm converted! I have curly, dry hair and have always been put off bar hair products as always thought of them as soap but these products make your hair feel so clean, easy, mess free and fab scent." - Jill H, Black Box review

We have a shampoo bar for every hair type – shop the full range here.

ecostore Shampoo Bar


Simply wet hair all over and lather the Shampoo Bar in your palms or apply directly to hair. Massage in and rinse well, repeating if needed.

ecostore Conditioner Bar


Apply the Conditioner Bar onto ends and move up to the roots for extra nourishment. Massage through and rinse thoroughly.​

ecostore Haircare Bars storage


Store each haircare bar in a well-draining holder to keep it dry between uses. We love and recommend Block Docks™. Available in both White and Black.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’d like to find out more about another topic or can’t find what you’re looking for here, please check out our full FAQ list.

How do I use an ecostore Haircare Bar?
As solid bars are concentrated and don’t contain water, we recommend thoroughly wetting hair first, then swipe bar directly around the hair or lather in hands. Massage in thoroughly and rinse well. It may take a few washes to find the right amount of lather or number of swipes depending on your hair type and length. Less is more. It may take a little longer to work product through the hair with solid bars. Remember to massage scalp well – especially if you have thicker hair. Solid Conditioner Bars work the same way as Shampoo Bars but may take a few more seconds to spread through hair, thanks to its concentrated blend of plant-based oils and conditioners.
What is the packaging made from and is it recyclable?
The cardboard carton has both PEFC and FSC chains of custody certification and is recyclable through kerbside collection.
How many washes can I get out of a bar?
We estimate around 60 washes per bar. This calculation is based on average liquid shampoo use of 10ml (according to Consumer NZ) and the concentration of ingredients in our bars versus our liquid shampoos and conditioners. Your experience will vary depending on your hair length, type, and how you use and store your haircare bars.
How many bottles is one Shampoo or Conditioner Bar equivalent to?
We estimate one bar is equivalent to between 1.5-2.5x 350ml bottles of shampoo or conditioner – or approximately 60 washes, depending on your hair type and length.
I have keratin treated hair, can I use these bars?
While our haircare bars are formulated to be mild and gentle to hair and scalp, they haven’t been specifically tested on keratin straightened hair. If you have concerns, we suggest you use aftercare products formulated specifically for keratin treatment.
I have extensions – are these bars safe to use?
Yes. To avoid tugging your hair and damaging your extensions, we recommend you lather bars in your hands and gently apply to hair, rather than rubbing them around your head.
I have limp, fine hair. How does your Volumising Shampoo Bar work?
Our Volumising Shampoo Bar cleanses hair effectively and contains hydrolysed extracts of kale, lemon and carrot to help hydrate hair without weighing it down.
Will it make my dandruff worse?
Our Haircare Bars should not cause dandruff or make it worse, as long as you use them as directed on the box. If you do tend to get dandruff, focus on rinsing really well, and avoid rubbing the conditioner bar on your scalp if possible.
What about coloured or bleached hair?
Our mild Shampoo Bars are soap free, with a balanced pH that’s kind to skin and scalp, and suitable for coloured and/or bleached hair.
I have a perm, is it safe to use these bars?
Our mild Shampoo Bars are soap free, with a balanced pH that’s kind to skin and scalp, and suitable for chemically straightened or curled hair.
How often should I wash my hair with Haircare Bars?
This is down to personal preference. You can wash hair with the same frequency as you do with your regular liquid shampoo, although you may find you don’t need to wash hair as often. All ecostore Haircare Bars are formulated to be gentle enough to use every day, and won’t strip your scalp and hair’s natural oils.
Why is there just one Conditioner Bar?
Our concentrated Conditioner Bar has been specially formulated to contain nourishing ingredients that are suitable for all hair types and won’t weigh hair down.
How many times should I lather and rinse each time I wash?
This depends on personal preference, as well as factors like hair thickness and how many times you was your hair. You might like to try gently lathering twice on your scalp, but just once through longer ends. You can’t really go wrong with the mild formulations, so feel free to experiment until you find exactly the right combination to suit your hair.
What if my hair doesn’t like it?
Many mainstream shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic silicones designed to make hair feel smooth and slippery, building up on the scalp and weighing hair down. Meanwhile, harsh shampoos strip the scalp’s natural protective oils, causing it to overcompensate with excess oil production. Our Haircare Bars help your hair break this cycle. But it may take a few washes to adjust, before your scalp rebalances, synthetic residues are fully washed away and you start to see the full benefits.
Will you do a styling product range?
We don’t have plans to develop a styling range right now. But if it’s something you really want, do let us know!
Is your solid haircare just a concentrated version of liquid products?
While some people will always prefer liquid shampoo and conditioner, we’ve created a plastic free option that delivered the benefits of mild, pH balanced formulations and high concentrations of hair loving, naturally derived ingredients. Our Haircare Bars are also super portable, and as easy to use as the liquid products you’re used to.
Do your Haircare Bars contain palm oil?
Our Haircare Bars contain palm oil. Please see our Palm Oil Policy page for an explanation as to why we use it, and our commitment to sustainable palm oil.
Is it just a kind of soap?
No, our Shampoo Bars are 100% soap free. Soap has a typical pH of 9-10 and can make your hair feel rough and dry. Our shampoo bars have a pH 4.5-6 – which is kinder to your hair, and won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils. Instead of soap, we use a base made from Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, which is derived from coconut, and creates a luxurious rich lather. Our Shampoo Bars also contain highly moisturising glycerine which is excellent for the hair and scalp.
What is ‘a mild pH’ and why does it matter?
Our Haircare Bars are soap free and have a balanced pH of between 4.5 and 6 – similar to skin’s natural pH level of around 5.5 – making it very mild and non-drying. Soap, on the other hand, has an alkaline pH of around 9.
Is it safe to share my bars?
As long as you rinse your haircare bars and let them dry properly between uses, they will be fine to share. To keep them nice when you store your haircare bars in a humid shower, we have also included a small amount of Ecocert approved preservative.
Are your Haircare Bars Curly Girl Method friendly?
Following the Curly Girl Method means not using haircare products that contain sulphates, silicones, mineral oil, waxes or drying alcohols. While our Shampoo Bars are free from all these ingredients, our Conditioner Bar contains Behentrimonium Methosulphate, to gently coat hair cuticles, leaving hair soft and smooth without build-up, and a tiny amount of sunflower wax to help lock good oils in the bar. Our curly-haired haircare testers have told us that using our haircare bars does leave curls soft and defined, and helps to combat frizz.
How should I store my bars?
It’s a good idea to store each haircare bar in a well-draining holder to keep it dry between uses. We love and recommend Block Docks. The perfect size and easy to use, the Block Dock™ mounts conveniently on a smooth surface like a glass shower screen.
Are the Haircare Bars gluten free?
No, not all of the ingredients used in our Haircare Bar formulations are gluten free.
Are your Haircare Bars vegan?
Yes, all ingredients in our Haircare Bars are made from plants and minerals.
Do you do samples?
Sorry, we’re not able to provide samples at this stage. Please keep an eye out for special deals in store and online.