Sunniva Holt's iron boosting juice

Weirdly enough my iron levels improved when I stopped eating meat - go figure!

This juice is full of parsley which is super high in iron, and lemon juice which is high in Vitamin C - essential for iron absorption so always pair foods that have both to get the most out of them.


1 large bunch of organic parsley - really easy to grow, so if you don't have any in your garden get some in there!

1 large apple

1 bunch of spinach or cos - or use up your broccoli stalks

1 whole organic lemon

1 inch fresh ginger

1 inch fresh turmeric

Put everything through a juicer, alternating hard and soft produce.

Makes enough for 2 serves.

This recipe is from Sunniva's app, which has over 60 recipes that are 100% plant based, gluten free and refined sugar free. Download it from the app store or Google Play.

Sunniva Holt started The Daily Raw after changing to a healthier diet following pregnancy-related illness. Her mission is to encourage people to be their healthiest self in mind and body, to be full of energy and vitality, then use that to make big changes in all areas of their lives.