6 ways to spring clean your beauty routine

As the chunky knits and heavy coats go back into storage, springtime is a great time to check and refresh your beauty tools, make up and skincare products.

A clean sweep for brushes

Apart from not working that well, dirty, clogged makeup brushes can make acne worse, cause irritation or even lead to eye infections. Although makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly, spring is a good time to get into the habit. To clean, swirl wet brush heads on a bar of mild soap, and rinse bristles thoroughly with warm water. Repeat these steps until the water runs clear. Gently reshape and dry brushes overnight on a towel at the edge of a shelf or table. Let the bristles hang over the edge so they get plenty of air around them.

Tip: Replace brushes when bristles snap or start to fall out.

Clean hair, there and everywhere

Product residue and natural oil from your scalp build up on bristles, and then it ends up back on your hair. To uncurl this vicious circle, spring is a great time to give your hair tools a good clean. Deep clean your hairbrush every few weeks by soaking the head in one part apple-cider vinegar to two parts warm water. Then rinse it with warm water for a few minutes and let it dry overnight. For irons and curling wands, rub a cloth dipped in a little rubbing alcohol over the grimy bits while the tool is still slightly warm. Unscrew the air vent cover from your hairdryer and gently use a toothpick or tweezers to remove as much lint as possible (please unplug it from the wall first).

Tip: To help prevent oil and product build up in your hairbrush, remove loose strands after each use by running a comb through the bristles. 

Wash your mouth out!

Our mouths are the germiest part of our bodies, and our toothbrushes are therefore often riddled with bacteria and tiny pieces of food. But you can’t expect a dirty toothbrush to get your pearly whites clean, right? Between replacing your toothbrush every season – or after you’ve been sick – keep your toothbrush hygienic by swishing it in equal parts hydrogen peroxide, a baking soda and water. Then rinse it thoroughly and leave it to dry. To avoid sharing germs, try to use a brush holder with individual holes.

Tip: And if your bathroom has a toilet in it, try to put your toothbrushes as far away from it as possible, remembering to close the lid when you flush. (Trust us on this one.)

Ditch the dirt

Over time, wayward lipsticks, uncapped pencils and cracked eyeshadows will muss up the insides of your makeup kit. The same goes for your hands, each time they dig around in there.

At least once every season, it’s a good idea to take everything out and wipe down your makeup and the lining of your bag. And the best thing to clean said makeup bag? The same thing you use to clean away your makeup. Apply a gentle, slightly creamy cleanser to a dampened, reusable wipe or facecloth, and give everything a good wipe to remove any oils, waxes or powders. Then use a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue. Do the same for the lining, and let everything dry before replacing.

Tip: Now’s the time to check anything that’s open, broken or past its best, as it’s a likely source of makeup mishaps.

Check in on your products

Many brands use a symbol – usually shown as an open jar with a number and an ‘M’ – on the packaging to estimate how many months a product will keep after it’s been opened. But this also depends on how the product is stored, how often it’s opened and how clean your fingers are, if it’s a pot or jar. It’s also a good idea to smell and touch the product. Any changes in smell, texture or colour can be a sign that it’s past its best. And beware of products that seem to have a very long shelf life – they may contain a lot of chemicals to keep them from going off, such as parabens.

Tip: To make it easier to keep track in future, write the date that you open the product on the container with a permanent marker.

Bring your skincare out of hibernation

The lovely, nourishing face and body products that comfort and protect your skin in the colder months may start to feel as heavy as your winter duvet. Our skin faces different challenges from season to season, and it can behave quite differently too. Humid weather (hello Auckland) can cause normal skin to feel and look more oily. In that case, consider switching out a creamy cleanser for one that feels more refreshing, like this Purifying Cleanser and lifting away pore-clogging dead skin cells, with a Brightening Exfoliator that includes pineapple.  And without dry, chilly winter winds, your face may not need such a rich, nourishing moisturiser. SKIN by ecostore Light Moisturiser is incredibly lightweight, yet still protects skin against moisture loss and helps it to stay feeling soft and supple throughout the day.

Tip: Always be gentle with skin, and test out your lighter warmer weather skincare regime by switching out just a couple of products to start with.