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  1. An (almost) zero waste home - Kids

    An (almost) zero waste home - Kids

    They may be proportionately small, but kids have a tendency to attract a whole lotta stuff and waste into your home. Being an aspiring minimalist and zero-waster, I've had to come up with a few simple strategies to help me and the little humans navigate things.

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  2. Allergies and Exercising

    Allergies and Exercising

    It might not seem like winter is leaving us anytime soon with some of our recent cold snaps, which can wreak havoc with our best laid plans to exercise, but rest assured it will soon be on its way out.
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  3. Tips for mealtimes with little ones

    Tips for mealtimes with little ones

    Dinnertime can be a time of the day when you have tired kids and tired parents and just getting through it seems like an achievement. But dinnertime can also be one of the few times of the day when the whole family is together.
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  4. Self Care 101

    Self Care 101

    Even if you’ve never set foot on an aircraft, it’s likely that you’re familiar with the instruction to ‘put your own mask on before helping others’. It’s because you are no use to anyone else if your own needs are not being met.
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  5. Rhubarb and Orange Frangipane Tart

    Rhubarb and Orange Frangipane Tart

    This delicious, nourishing and low sugar tart is quick and easy to make and a fabulous summer dessert.
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  6. Summer in the Organic Edible Garden

    Summer in the Organic Edible Garden

    It’s the season when we enjoy an abundance of food from the garden. If you haven’t got them in yet, there’s still time to plant tomatoes, beans, capsicum, eggplant, chilli, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, sweetcorn, and watermelon. In fact many people in cooler areas will not have planted these crops yet due to it still being cold at night.

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  7. Our favourite New Zealand and Australian beaches

    Our favourite New Zealand and Australian beaches

    Summer’s here, and the time is right, to… argue the various merits of our favourite beaches. As the year nears its end, the hot topic of conversation is which bit of salt or fresh water we’re each heading to.

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  8. 12 Tips for an Eco Christmas

    12 Tips for an Eco Christmas

    Don’t let the last few days before Christmas get eaten up with stress and an overflowing to do list. Keep it merry, bright and super simple, by paring back and letting go. These handy tips will help you spend less, stress less and enjoy more time with the people you love.

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  9. Festive Christmas Fruit Salad

    Festive Christmas Fruit Salad

    Enjoying the silly season, and glorious food, is part-and-parcel with this special time of year - it’s Christmas after all. But without striking some balance, it's quite easy to overindulge on alcohol, excess food and Christmas treats, which may leave us entering January feeling a little worse for wear. Enter this festive fruit salad.

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  10. Exercising when you're less mobile

    Exercising when you're less mobile

    Exercising with limited mobility might be a little more challenging but it is definitely worth the extra effort and creativity. The benefits of improved mood, relieving stress and boosting self-esteem are just some of the great reasons to include movement into your routine and go a long way to creating a happy, healthy life.

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