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  1. Broccoli flowering

    How to grow winter greens – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale and more

    Broccoli is probably the most loved green vegetable of all time and it’s time to plant it now - along with its cousins in the brassica family – cabbage, cauliflower, kale and so on.
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  2. World Water Day

    World Water Day

    When you open your calendar, or even your Google homepage, it can feel like there is an international day for almost everything. As a result, some of the important ones seem to get lost in the crowd, I think World Water Day is one!
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  3. Children holding plastic recycling bottles

    It’s Global Recycling Day

    Every year, us humans take billions of tonnes of resources from the earth. And each year we return billions of tonnes back to the earth. As landfill. Global Recycling Day every March 18 is a good chance to rethink what we buy, bring home and chuck out.
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  4. Basket full of tomatoes

    Digging around in urban community gardens

    While the media portrays mass divides, the past two years has illuminated the pockets of community who are willing to come together against all odds. As the price of necessities continues to rise - with little change in wages - a community garden is a perfect way to counter some of the issues that many people are facing.
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  5. Guide to buying an e-bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 2

    An e-bike is a pretty big investment. So while the style you choose is absolutely a personal decision, to find the best bike for your buck, part 2 of our e-bike guide will walk through some of the key features to think about before you buy.
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  6. Stop Food Cravings

    How to stop cravings in their tracks

    Struggling with cravings? For many people trying to manage their weight, dealing with sugar cravings and the urge to overeat anything sweet is a constant, uphill battle. Have you ever noticed that the more you try to limit what you eat, or use ‘willpower’ to only have one sweet treat, the hungrier and more out of control you feel? I have great news for you; it’s not your fault and it can be changed.
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  7. Muddy Kids Playing Outside

    Ideas to get the kids to play outside

    We know playing outside is great for kids' physical and mental wellbeing; that getting dirty, puffed and occasionally bruised supports healthy development and makes them happier and easier to get along with.
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  8. Awaroa Lodge

    Awaroa Lodge: clean in the green

    With a higher-than-average number of trampers, walkers and general nature lovers among the ecostore team, it’s only natural that many of us have stayed, or plan to stay at magical Awaroa Lodge in Abel Tasman National Park. Surrounded by regenerated wetlands and native forest, the Lodge – as beautiful and inviting as it is – plays second fiddle to its breath taking, secluded location.
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  9. Young woman relaxing with eyes closed

    Doing self-care in a post-pandemic world

    As we approach the two year mark of a devastating global pandemic, with no end in sight - it can feel redundant to be setting new goals for the year. I'm exhausted and I'm willing to bet you are too. As many of us cycle in and out of lockdowns, working from home, working on the frontlines, balancing childcare and deciphering misinformation on the daily, it's no wonder we are feeling burnt out.
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  10. E-Bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 1

    At the recent COP 26, there was a lot of discussion around our collective need to shift to electric vehicles, of the four-wheel variety. But when it came to talking about the zero-emission vehicle with the lowest cost, with the greatest benefits for the health of both people and planet…? Crickets.
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