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  1. The Mindfulness of Craftivism

    The Mindfulness of Craftivism

    Maintaining the balance of creating and consuming is something that I know is beneficial to my mental wellbeing, but it’s not so easy to put into practice. In the last few weeks I’ve noticed that my consumption has drastically outweighed my output.
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  2. How To Grow Strawberries

    How To Grow Strawberries

    There’s nothing that says Summer better than Strawberries and the middle of Winter is the time to plant them! If you don’t have any growing at your place, they’re just coming into the shops now (mid-June). If you’ve been growing new plants from the runners of old ones, they will have been ready for a month or so by now and you can actually start planting these homegrown plants from mid-May onwards.
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  3. Discover the Power of Breathing

    Discover the Power of Breathing

    We inhale; we exhale. Most of the time this process happens completely unconsciously, we’re unaware of the magic that is happening as we breathe. In the video below I’ll show you a breath-work technique to help you harness the power of your breath.
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  4. Motivation for getting active

    Motivation for getting active

    When talking with my clients I often hear them say they wish they had more will power or if only they could commit to a plan then they would be fine. My answer to them is always the same – it’s not your fault and it’s not will power that will get you across the finish line.

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  5. Caring for your Winter Woollens

    Caring for your Winter Woollens

    Wearing Winter woollies creates a cosy, hygge feeling of softness, comfort, and warmth. Caring for them correctly will multiply this feeling by helping you get even more wear out of each piece.
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  6. Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating

    In today's face-paced, food-abundant and tech-savvy environment, eating with intent is a practice many of us have become out of touch with.
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  7. 4 Tips For Settling a Baby

    4 Tips For Settling a Baby

    When baby is unhappy or distressed, we want to leap into action to try and soothe away whatever is bothering them. Many times, a baby cries when they are hungry, tired or their nappy needs a change. Other times, they may simply be looking for some snuggle time with you.
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  8. A Trio Of Warming Winter Drinks

    A Trio Of Warming Winter Drinks

    I absolutely adore the comfort of warm drinks in winter. They can lift you up on a chilly day, be a source of comfort when winding down and can even boast beneficial nutrients for immunity and energy.
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  9. How to keep kids active during the school holidays

    How to keep kids active during the school holidays

    Many parents and children have experienced restrictions on their activities due to COVID-19 over the last few months. The necessity of the situation has seen many kids less active and being on screens significantly more. With school holidays coming up and the weather improving it’s a great time to get the kids outside and get them moving.
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  10. Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Winter is a tough time for many of us to keep our health and wellness routines on track, but this year has been a real doozy. They say life happens while we are busy planning other things and I have to say, life really caught us off guard this time.
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