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  1. Bare feet in the forest

    A Clean Slate

    I stumbled upon a poem recently and it resonated deeply. We’re at a time here in New Zealand where we are forced to slow down, potentially to reassess. Being at home with fewer distractions, the monotony of staying in one place can affect all of us in different ways.
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  2. Organic seedling sprouting

    How to grow best-ever organic seedlings

    Sowing seed and growing seedlings on is a skill that’s truly worth having. In this time where we can be in Lockdown within hours, having seeds in your fridge and some good quality potting mix on hand means you can grow food.
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  3. Asparagus Tart with Rocket Salad

    Asparagus Tart with a Rocket Salad

    This delicious tart is super simple to make and a delicious light meal that’s perfect for spring. These are divine hot out of the oven or at room temperature for a fancy picnic.
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  4. Hiking in Milford Sounds

    Preparing for an action holiday

    Keen to try an ‘active’ holiday, explore the outdoors a little more, or even just get in shape for some summer sports? It’s not that far away, although the current weather would have us think differently.

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  5. Tokyo Paralympics 2020

    Paralympics Tokyo: through a new lens

    The Olympics are a problematic favourite of mine. I became known for taking a week of annual leave to allow myself to watch events in the middle of the night for Rio 2016. For Tokyo 2020, the time difference was easier to manage, but my looming deadlines got in the way of the level of viewing I had anticipated. There is always a wave of disappointment when the closing ceremony rolls around, but it’s only temporary, as it means the Paralympic Games are fast approaching.
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  6. Moral fibre: 5 ways to upcycle fabric scraps

    Moral fibre: 5 ways to upcycle fabric scraps

    As fast fashion increases demand for fabrics, we’re seeing its effects on our planet. Around 20% of pollution is attributed to the textile industry, from the use of harmful and toxic chemicals during manufacturing, to microfibres shedding during washing, and the pollutants released when textiles reach the end of their lives – and become landfill or ashes.
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  7. Flour-Free Protein Pancakes

    Flour-Free Protein Pancakes

    Kick off your morning with these protein-packed pancakes! With only three simple ingredients, they come together in minutes - a blender does most of the work. These are fabulous made with a pea or hemp protein powder. A finished stack will serve up around 30g of protein, which will help keep you satisfied and full.
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  8. Helping kids create a good homework ethic

    Helping kids create a good homework ethic

    Just as each child has their own personality and character traits, how they approach homework will differ too. Some will take to it and do it with no fuss. Others will do it but make sure the whole house knows about it, and others will avoid doing it at all costs.
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  9. Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Five years ago, that title alone might have scared me off. When you’re younger, your whole life seems to revolve around your social life and your friendships are easy to maintain when you see them every day at school or university.
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  10. Go slow - the antidote to fast fashion

    Go slow - the antidote to fast fashion

    According to Statista, retail sales of apparel and footwear globally hit $1.9 trillion USD in 2019, forecast to top $3 trillion by 2030. Behind these figures lie the tangled threads of excess production and waste, opaque supply chains, and mindless consumption that embody fast fashion.
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