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  1. Ecostore B Corp

    B Corp

    Ecostore is now a B Corp

    We’re incredibly proud to have become a Certified B Corporation®. This certification is recognised globally as the highest standard for social corporate responsibility. B Corps are companies that formally commit to using the positive power of business to solve the world’s social and environmental problems.

    We’ve always been led by strong values, to be better for people and the planet – and using our business as a force for good. Becoming a B Corp is a big step on our ongoing journey to make the world a safer place, put people’s health first and give everyone the choice to live free from nasty chemicals.

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  2. Haircare Bars

    Haircare Bars

    New plastic free haircare

    Bar curious? It’s time to satisfy your curiosity, with our shampoo and conditioner bars. No plastic bottle, no soap, just concentrated, hair loving ingredients to the bottom of the bar.

    These solid shampoo and conditioner bars are beautiful and easy to use. Mild, 4.5-6 pH formulations are ideal for hair and scalp, combat frizz, and rinse away cleanly without leaving build up. They’re made from plant and mineral-based, vegan ingredients with excellent conditioning properties, to help create soft silky-smooth hair without silicone.

    Each 100% soap free shampoo bar is triple milled for a luxurious lather. Pair the shampoo bar that suits your hair type with the solid conditioner bar, enriched with chia and coconut oils to smooth, protect and lock in moisture.

    Now available in all good independent retailers and online.

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  3. Limited Edition Refill Bottle

    Limited Edition Refill Bottle

    Waste less, wash lots

    Meet the ecostore Refill Bottle - the indispensable dispenser for your kitchen. Made from lightweight aluminium, it’s super durable, as well as infinitely refillable and recyclable. Helping you reduce plastic waste, while you wash.

    Each comes prefilled with our plant and mineral-based Lemongrass Hand Wash or Lemon Dish Liquid - and can be refilled with your ecostore favourites again and again and again.

    ecostore Refill Hand Wash - BUY NOW

    ecostore Refill Dish Liquid - BUY NOW

    And when you're ready to refill, choose from one of three easy options:


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  4. Great treats for Good Sorts

    Great treats for Good Sorts

    To celebrate the spirit of Christmas, we wanted to recognise to the selfless people who do so much for our communities. So we talked to a few good friends, and put together six bumper hampers to give away to some generous good sorts.
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  5. Walk in the woods - Mt Pirongia

    Walk in the woods - Mt Pirongia

    Looking for a challenge this weekend? Mallika Goel of Break the Resistance shares her muddy, exhausting and ultimately exhilarating experience hiking around Mt. Pirongia earlier this year.
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  6. Reducing your body's toxic load

    Reducing your body's toxic load

    I once heard the average woman puts hundreds of synthetic chemicals on her skin every day, simply through the body products she uses.
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  7. Tips to keep well during holidays

    Tips to keep well during holidays

    Do you often feel like you need a holiday after the holidays are over? There are actually many things you can try to help you feel rejuvenated at this time instead of extra tired.
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  8. Our new kowhai and multi-pack soap

    Our new kowhai and multi-pack soap

    Our soap range has a new addition and it's the lovely floral fragrance of Kowhai. We'll be offering this delicious new soap in a multi-pack of four, which we think is a great option for families who need ready stocks of soap in the bathroom cupboard!
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  9. Laundry powder top in customer satisfaction

    Laundry powder top in customer satisfaction

    Our laundry powder has topped leading brands Persil, Fab, Surf and Cold Power to win Canstar Blue's overall customer satisfaction award for 2017.
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  10. Look after the planet with healthier cleaners

    Look after the planet with healthier cleaners

    A check of your household products is a really important step if you want to be kinder to the planet, and that applies particularly to the cleaners we use at home.
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