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  1. Motivation for getting active

    Motivation for getting active

    When talking with my clients I often hear them say they wish they had more will power or if only they could commit to a plan then they would be fine. My answer to them is always the same – it’s not your fault and it’s not will power that will get you across the finish line.

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  2. Mindful Eating

    Mindful Eating

    In today's face-paced, food-abundant and tech-savvy environment, eating with intent is a practice many of us have become out of touch with.
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  3. Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Your Positive Post-Lockdown Reboot

    Winter is a tough time for many of us to keep our health and wellness routines on track, but this year has been a real doozy. They say life happens while we are busy planning other things and I have to say, life really caught us off guard this time.
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  4. Forest Bathing - an antidote to modern life

    Forest Bathing - an antidote to modern life

    With perhaps a slight downswing in 2020 - because of you-know-what - life seems to get busier every year. It’s only rarely that we can take time to slow down, get outside and bask in birdsong or hug a tree. Forest Bathing invites you to do just that and immerse yourself in the sounds, scents, and sights of the forest. No goggles or speedos required.
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  5. On seeking the elusive work-life balance

    On seeking the elusive work-life balance

    I’m tired of hearing the stories about people who quit their day job, and now work remotely from a poolside in Bali or found their passion as a fulltime cupcake decorator. Surely that is not the answer for all of us, there has to be a large number of us stuck in the humdrum of fulltime work for society to function as it does.
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  6. Practicing Hygge: The Cosy Antidote To Winter

    Practicing Hygge: The Cosy Antidote To Winter

    My mum immigrated to New Zealand more than a decade before I was born, but even now, I’d say she still hasn’t fully adjusted to the cooler climate. So while I’ve never lived anywhere where it snows during winter, I grew up practicing hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) - the now ridiculously popular Danish concept of cosiness.

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  7. Exercising with Asthma

    Exercising with Asthma

    Exercise can be challenging enough for many people but for those who suffer from asthma it can be especially difficult. Both the fear of triggering an asthma attack and not understanding or knowing what types of exercise might be suitable and beneficial can prevent many people from getting involved in regular exercise.
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  8. Common Challenges in Yoga Practice

    Common Challenges in Yoga Practice

    Honestly, I feel like I could set up a whole Instagram account of ‘yoga hacks’ with ways to approach common challenges when you…
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  9. Wellness Warrior: Eleanor Ozich

    Wellness Warrior: Eleanor Ozich

    After a couple of years working long and relentless hours, Eleanor Ozich looked for a simpler way of life and now keeps well with healthy food, self care and the nurturing effect of nature.
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  10. Allergies, sensitivities and intolerances with Kaytee Boyd

    Allergies, sensitivities and intolerances with Kaytee Boyd

    We caught up with the wonderful Kaytee Boyd this month to talk about allergies, and ask her what we can do to reduce our exposure to everyday products and substances that may cause reactions. As always, we found her advice incredibly practical and informative. We hope it helps you too.
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