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  1. Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Making and keeping friends as an adult

    Five years ago, that title alone might have scared me off. When you’re younger, your whole life seems to revolve around your social life and your friendships are easy to maintain when you see them every day at school or university.
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  2. Lee-Anne Wann

    My 2 secrets to staying motivated in Winter

    We all know how much of a challenge exercising can be, and especially so in the colder months. There are two things that keep me going when my own mojo has deserted me.
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  3. Claire Robbie

    When the 'Overwhelm' kicks in

    The building feeling that everything is all too much, that life is getting away from us, that we just can’t cope or have too much on our plates, seems to be almost a fact of modern life.
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  4. Close up hand journaling

    The art (and science) of journaling

    Last year I attended an online writers’ workshop - which left me feeling more inspired than ever. I proudly declared to my fellow writing friends that I would be putting pen to paper every day for at least 20 minutes.
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  5. Strength and conditioning - the benefits of weight training

    Strength and conditioning - the benefits of weight training

    Weight training, or resistance training as it is commonly referred to, is my absolute go-to for helping clients achieve great tone and condition. In fact, it’s actually my go-to exercise for nearly every type of goal my clients have.

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  6. Shaping the 2021 you want

    Shaping the 2021 you want

    As January and February slip behind us, and we creep further into 2021, the goals/hopes/dreams/aspirations of the year ahead can already feel a little murky and perhaps even forgotten. But that is ok, because every day we start again.
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  7. The importance of keeping hydrated

    The importance of keeping hydrated

    Hydration plays such an important role in our over health picture - if our cells are not sufficiently hydrated it’s hard for them to receive nutrients and function in an optimal way. Being well hydrated helps our joints and organs function better, prevents infections, removes waste from the body, improves sleep quality, cognition, and mood.
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  8. The 'Essential' Essential Oils

    The 'Essential' Essential Oils

    As well as smelling good, many essential oils are loaded with benefits for everyday beauty, home care and wellbeing. But which essentials oils are the absolute (ahem) essentials? Here’s our break down of the must-have essential oils, and how to use them.
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  9. Forest Bathing - an antidote to modern life

    Forest Bathing - an antidote to modern life

    With perhaps a slight downswing in 2020 - because of you-know-what - life seems to get busier every year. It’s only rarely that we can take time to slow down, get outside and bask in birdsong or hug a tree. Forest Bathing invites you to do just that and immerse yourself in the sounds, scents, and sights of the forest. No goggles or speedos required.
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  10. 6 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty

    6 Ways to Navigate Uncertainty

    Down here in the Antipodes, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been somewhat mitigated. While there’s still been a huge impact on lives and livelihoods in Australia and New Zealand, as island nations, we’ve been able to avoid some of the devastation the disease has caused overseas. But it’s also left us to navigate a lot of uncertainty.
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