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  1. Guide to buying an e-bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 2

    An e-bike is a pretty big investment. So while the style you choose is absolutely a personal decision, to find the best bike for your buck, part 2 of our e-bike guide will walk through some of the key features to think about before you buy.
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  2. E-Bike

    The ecostore e-bike guide: part 1

    At the recent COP 26, there was a lot of discussion around our collective need to shift to electric vehicles, of the four-wheel variety. But when it came to talking about the zero-emission vehicle with the lowest cost, with the greatest benefits for the health of both people and planet…? Crickets.
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  3. Upcycled home office

    Upcycling, recycling, downcycling: what’s the difference?

    Not all ‘cycling is created equal. While we might use terms like upcycling, recycling and downcycling interchangeably, in fact, each one is more – or less – effective at reusing items and their materials.
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  4. Care instructions label

    How to buy better quality clothing

    At the top of our list of things that make us go grr, is spending money on a new piece of clothing, only to have it fall apart after a couple of wears. Whether you’re creating a capsule, investing in a statement piece, or just aiming for a more sustainable wardrobe, choosing the best quality you can is key. But how can you tell if a garment will go the distance?
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  5. Moral fibre: 5 ways to upcycle fabric scraps

    Moral fibre: 5 ways to upcycle fabric scraps

    As fast fashion increases demand for fabrics, we’re seeing its effects on our planet. Around 20% of pollution is attributed to the textile industry, from the use of harmful and toxic chemicals during manufacturing, to microfibres shedding during washing, and the pollutants released when textiles reach the end of their lives – and become landfill or ashes.
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  6. Go slow - the antidote to fast fashion

    Go slow - the antidote to fast fashion

    According to Statista, retail sales of apparel and footwear globally hit $1.9 trillion USD in 2019, forecast to top $3 trillion by 2030. Behind these figures lie the tangled threads of excess production and waste, opaque supply chains, and mindless consumption that embody fast fashion.
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  7. 10 easy tips to save water at home

    10 easy tips to save water at home

    Every time we hop in the shower or turn the tap we’re using water – a precious natural resource - that had to be treated to make it safe to use. Once it’s down the drain it then has to be treated again. Cleaning waste water (aka grey or black water) is highly energy-intensive, as is heating water - so less is better in terms of energy savings too.
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  8. 5 ways to teach kids about reducing waste

    5 ways to teach kids about reducing waste

    Our kids learn far more from our actions on a daily basis than what they do from us telling them what the right thing to do is. Teaching kids about reducing waste is one area where this is especially true. We need to be doing the best we can within our means to reduce waste and having processes and systems set up to support our kids to do the same.
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  9. 8 Simple Single-use Plastic Swaps

    8 Simple Single-use Plastic Swaps

    For many of us, going completely plastic-free feels overwhelming and impossible. But particularly when you’re starting out, achieving small changes in habit are the thing you need to stay motivated.
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  10. The 'plantiful' life: How to eat less meat

    The 'plantiful' life: How to eat less meat

    There are tonnes of benefits for your health and our planet that come with reducing your meat intake. With many Kiwis and Australians moving to a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian lifestyle, it’s also becoming easier to discover new plant-based products and plant-based places to eat. Which makes this year the perfect time to try meat reducing.

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