Living a Life Less Cluttered

We live in a time where we can have almost anything imaginable, any time we want, and even delivered to our doorstep if we choose. How lucky are we? The downside is, that as a result, our lives often become overrun with stuff.

I've realised that having a home and life full of stuff makes me feel overwhelmed. It's also dawned on me that more stuff means more to look after, keep tidy and put away. I reckon I can find way better things to do with my time and energy! And then there's our planet… all of this consumption is taking its toll.

After having our first child, an exponential increase in stuff began creeping into our lives. It kick-started my decluttering journey which was motivated purely by a desire for simplicity. It turns out this whole decluttering thing is a global phenomenon, and you can read, watch and go deep on Google to find an approach that works for you. From 30-day challenges, to packing parties and the KonMari method, there's something for everyone.

I followed the principle of only having things in our home which served a purpose or that I loved. It also helped me stay on track by recognising that having things in my home that weren't being used was a waste too. Other people could find them useful. We swapped, gifted and sold more than 10,000 items from our home. Man, it feels good.

Decluttering is an awesome and liberating thing to do, but it's not the end game. It's ultimately about being more mindful of how we continue to consume. It's that micro pause before we buy something; stopping to ask ourselves “do I really need or want this?” And if we do, is there an alternative that is a better choice like buying second hand, borrowing, repairing, buying quality that will last, or supporting local?

It's better for our own wellbeing and also the wellbeing of our planet.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.” Vivienne Westwood


This is part three of Nic Turner's three-part series for spring cleaning your life. Check out part one and two here.

Nic Turner is the Founder and Behaviour Changer at Mainstream Green™. A converted minimalist and aspiring zero waster, Nic's all about creating a ‘Greenfulness™ movement' - where we're mindful about what we buy, and empowered to make simple changes that have a big impact.