Tips for low tox living

From a digital detox to a juice cleanse - going ‘low tox’ can mean different things to different people. But have you considered that every type of toxin in your home adds up, to create a toxic load that’s not good for anyone? Toxins in the air put strain on our respiratory systems, while in food they are tricky for our bodies to process. Even the products we put on our skin have an impact. From babies, to kids, pets and adults - everyone benefits from less toxins around the house. Even the planet.

Here are 5 areas where you can lighten the load.


Go for whole foods, which are unprocessed and if possible, organic. This is great for your health, as whole foods clean out your system more efficiently and contain no added sugar and fat. You’ll also find that usually, unprocessed foods come with a smaller environmental footprint, especially if you buy seasonal produce that is grown locally.


Most of us know about the negative impact of excessive screen time on mental health, from sleep disorders to an increase in anxiety. But there are also many physical benefits that come with switching off. For example, less screen time means more time outside, which gets us moving our body and inhaling fresh air. Good quality sleep helps our bodies to recover from illness or injury. And when we’re mentally healthy, our blood pressure is lower, we make healthier food choices and our body weight tends to be more stable.


Our homes are full of stuff. The more of it is low tox, the better. That’s why opting for natural materials like wood, metal, glass, stone and ceramic surfaces, cookware and storage solutions makes sense. When it comes to soft furnishings, bedding and clothing - go for materials like linen, cotton, silk and wool. Not only do they look lovely, they are breathable and easier on your skin. And if you consider that textiles made from plastic fibres shed at every stage of their lives, it’s no wonder that microplastics are showing up in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.


According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, some chemicals can enter the body through the skin and cause us damage and even disease. Many readily available skin and beauty products contain toxins and questionable ingredients that may at the very least irritate our systems and disrupt our hormonal balance. The trick is to choose products that are clearly labelled and avoid harsh chemical ingredients.


Thanks to developments in green chemistry, there are products now available that will leave your home perfectly clean and fresh, fresh and germ-free, without eye-watering toxic fumes, nasty residues, petrochemicals  or synthetic fragrances. So when a baby crawls across a freshly mopped floor, a pet licks at a spill or a teen chops veggies directly on the bench - they’re not getting more than they bargained for.


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