When it comes to cleaning, Autumn is the new Spring

We’re all familiar with the concept of a Spring Clean. The sun is shining, the weather is warming - so what better time to throw open your windows and wash everything that will fit in the machine. Right?

Well yes. But have you also considered that Autumn is also a perfect time to deep clean and detoxify your home? Here’s why.

Winter is coming!

There’s a long period of cold weather and short days coming down the line and that means time inside. Lots of it. This makes Autumn a great time to rid your home of germs, allergens and toxins, so that when you batten the hatches and hunker down, it’s a healthier environment for everyone.

A year is 525600 minutes

That’s a long time to leave between deep cleans. While most of us do some form of home spruce up in Spring, is it really enough to last the whole year? A second detox, six months after the first, is a great way to keep your home healthy all year round.

The weather hasn’t yet turned

During Autumn, there’s still enough punch in the sun to leave your doors and windows open. And that means you can wipe, mop and scrub your surfaces, then open your house up to dry everything out properly. To keep the toxic load light, choose plant-based products with naturally derived fragrances.


Low tox checklist:

  • No harsh chemicals 
  • No overpowering fragrances 
  • No eye-watering fumes 
  • Plant and mineral-based formulations 


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