4 Tips For Settling a Baby

When baby is unhappy or distressed, we want to leap into action to try and soothe away whatever is bothering them. Many times, a baby cries when they are hungry, tired or their nappy needs a change. Other times, they may simply be looking for some snuggle time with you.

Of course, it is very natural for babies to cry at times. If you are seeing signs of crying, yawning or fussiness, there are some tried and tested ways that you can use to try to help them.

It is a great idea to have some soothing tricks up your sleeve for the times when your baby is a little fussy or unsettled.

Here are some of our favourite suggestions for comforting your baby during these times:

Watch and learn over time

As the months go on, you will learn to spot your baby’s cues and know what it is they are really looking for. You will start to see and hear different cries, expressions and interactions that will help you work out if your little one is hungry, tired, lonely or in need of a clean nappy.

Perhaps your baby is feeling fussy if it is getting close to nap or nighttime – or perhaps an extra sleep might soothe them. A top up of milk might be needed if their tummy tells them they are not yet full, so give this a try too. 

Skin-on-skin snuggle time

Thinking back to the first moment you held your baby in your arms, you will have both loved that close and soothing contact.

Creating that experience is as lovely for the parent as it is for the baby! Cuddle up in the warm, without the barrier of clothing, enjoy some skin-to-skin time and let your baby snuggle into your arms or on your chest.

A gentle and relaxing bedtime routine can help to create calm at the end of the day. Sharing a bath with your baby is a beautiful opportunity to bond – and don’t waste that precious chance to take the weight off your feet too!

Our Baby Sleepytime Bath is infused with calming lavender essential oil and soothing chamomile. It creates a relaxing ritual before bed for both of you. Why not add a few drops to your next bath too – as a busy parent, optimise every opportunity to relax and unwind. Your baby will not mind you sharing their bath-time treat with you when you’re both reinvigorated after a peaceful sleep.

Sleeptime soothing

Babies love to be held and rocked rhythmically as the reassuring motion recreates their time in the safe and secure womb. A great way to mimic the snug feeling they experience in the womb is to swaddle your baby at sleep times.

Swaddling helps to keep your baby secure, cosy, and still. This can be very reassuring for them. However, babies who can roll over must not be swaddled. Red Nose provides more information on safe swaddling.

A change of scenery

A walk outside in the fresh air can do your baby (and you!) the world of good. In the early weeks and months of parenthood, we can spend many hours looking at the same four walls as we flit between feeding, rocking, sleeping and repeating.

If it’s possible to pop your baby in the carrier or pram, head outside for a quick walk to distract them, or soothe them to sleep. Many babies like the rhythmic rocking of a stroller over the pavement. Let’s face it, a gentle walk in the sunshine can work wonders for you too!

Of course, there will be days when all the rocking, patting, and snuggling you offer your baby doesn’t quite soothe their fussiness. In their first six months, a baby will go through many different stages of growth and development, and the needs of their minds and bodies are constantly changing.

Paying attention to the occasions when your baby needs more from you will help you to create routines that cater to them. Setting up a calming and peaceful bedtime routine from the early days can play a key role in promoting good and restful sleep for you both.

Your baby will soon start to understand and expect that the bedtime routine starts with a gentle, relaxing bath. After that, they’ll have a nappy change, be changed into their PJs and listen to you read a book or sing a song. Over time, you can build on this routine to adjust the timings and details for your growing baby.

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Mim Jenkinson, mother of two small children, is a digital content creator and the author of “Less Wine, More Time”. Her mission is to help overwhelmed women create empowering habits that lead to a life they love. When she isn’t writing or juggling her energetic kids, Mim spends her time watching reruns of Outlander, reading books and listening to podcasts. Find out more about Mim at her blog, Love from Mim.