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Parfum (Essential Oil Fragrance)

Used with care
Parfum (Essential Oil Fragrance)

Parfum (Essential Oil Fragrance)

Parfum is the French word for perfume and is a term used in ingredient listings to represent a group of fragrance ingredients. The reason we use this encompassing term is most of our fragrances are a blend of many essential oils, and we do not have space on the label to include them all. However, whenever possible on our website we list each of these fragrance components individually for maximum transparency. Due to the proprietary nature of many fragrance blends from our suppliers, we are not always able to disclose all fragrance components. When applicable, we list ‘Parfum’ under the Fragrance Ingredients, to indicate there is a blend in addition to the listed fragrance components.

EWG gives the label ‘Parfum’ a default rating of 8 (high hazard) as many brands use this term to disguise potentially harmful synthetic fragrances. Most of our fragrances are components of natural essential oils which carry a 1-2 (low hazard) rating.

INCI Name:
Ingredient origins:
Plant Essential Oils
Common name:
EWG score: The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group. Their data is sourced from the Skin Deep® database and studies published in open scientific literature.