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Benzyl Alcohol

Used with care
Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol is a clear alcohol with a mild sweet fragrance. We use this ingredient as a solvent and preservative in many of our products, keeping them stable and working at their best.

Benzyl alcohol is a synthetic chemical produced for industry, however it can be found naturally in some plants, fruits, tea, and wines. It's a useful solvent due to its low toxicity, and can be found in many cosmetics and personal care products. Though it is among the least sensitising preservatives of its kind available, a small percentage of people can be sensitive to this ingredient on their skin. We use this ingredient with care at very low concentrations to minimise exposure, while also helping prevent the growth of microbes on our products once they are exposed to air.

Other names: C7H8O, alcohol benzylicus, Benzenemethanol, Benzylic Alcohol, Phenylcarbinol, Phenylmethanol, Phenylmethyl Alcohol, alpha-Toluenol

Chemical class: Alcohols


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INCI Name:
Benzyl Alcohol
Ingredient origins:
Common name:
Benzyl Alcohol
EWG score: The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group. Their data is sourced from the Skin Deep® database and studies published in open scientific literature.
4 - 6 (depends on usage)