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Nasty Ingredients


Benzotriazoles such as 1,2,3-Benzotriazole are petrochemical-derived ingredients which have many functions due to their versatility. In dishwasher detergents, these compounds are often added to prevent corrosion or rust which occurs from the addition of oxygen-based bleaches in the moist environmenti. 1,2,3-Benzotriazole can cause eye irritation, is harmful if swallowedii and has been classified by the Dutch Expert Committee on Occupational Standards as a suspected human carcinogeniii. Benzotriazoles have low biodegradabilityii and are shown to be toxic to aquatic organismsii, a cause for concern considering they are often not removed during wastewater treatment .


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iii) Health Council of the Netherlands. 2000. 1,2,3-Benzotriazole. Health-based recommended occupational exposure limit. The Hague: Health Council of the Netherlands, 2000; publication no.2000/14OSH

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EWG score: The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group. Their data is sourced from the Skin Deep® database and studies published in open scientific literature.
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