Sandra Clair's top tips for wellbeing

In the daily routine of work and everyday activities, all our well intentioned planning for a healthy year can go out the window if we don't focus on making our health a priority. But you can make yourself your own priority daily by focusing on a few key areas in your life. Small, sustainable changes can see you through the year in a better mindset.

Love your liver

You will have heard me talk about the importance of liver health many times, but I cannot stress enough why your liver deserves daily attention. Everything goes via your liver. I recommend drinking a certified organic liver detox tea first thing in the morning before your breakfast and introducing bitter vegetables into your daily routine, with the aim of promoting digestive health. Start your day as you mean to go on - focus on your health.

Adrenal and nervous system support

We live in a time where everyone is facing multiple stresses, but we can help ourselves better adapt to these by focusing regularly on adrenal and nervous system health. This may sound odd, but it is actually very easy. Simple things like reducing caffeine, processed foods and alcohol can make a huge difference. Regularly take a few moments to yourself and engage in rituals of self-care. You could incorporate medicinal plants during the day, like St. John's Wort, chamomile, licorice and lavender. They can help you to stay energised, focused but calm, and help make sure you are not stressed to the max by the time evening arrives.

Focus on your heart

Your heart is an amazing companion, it works tirelessly and its intricate chemical and physical structure is astounding. Plant medicine may help with different matters of the heart. In particular, hawthorn may support the health of the circulatory system, blood pressure and heart function. This amazing plant is high in antioxidants that fight free radicals. A strong heart is also the key to sporting success and an active lifestyle, that's why some sportspeople love to incorporate hawthorn into their fitness routine.

Sleep and rest

Good quality sleep and rejuvenating rest are highly sought after. Deep sleep is paramount to staying healthy as it is during this time that our body and mind have a chance to rest. In the evening, support your body to wind down by helping it to switch into relaxing mode. A calming night cuppa made with nourishing and calming medicinal plants like valerian, lemon balm and hops is perfect for preparing yourself for a good night's sleep, and regenerate for a good day ahead. It helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep and allows you to wake up feeling refreshed. You may have noted that in times when you are unwell, fatigued or stressed, your sleep suffers. The flow on effect is that the less sleep you have, the more unwell you can become as poor sleep has a negative impact on your immune systems. A good night's sleep is therefore essential for keeping your health on track for the year.

Enjoy life

Enjoy the small moments, the sunrise, and the rain on the roof. Your first cup of tea of the day. Stretch when you wake up. Whatever you enjoy, be in that moment and fully experience it. Not everything can be planned so make sure when you catch yourself in a moment of joy - relish it.

This article is not intended to substitute for medical advice. For any concerns, consult your health practitioner.