Five Easy Ways Men Can Enhance Their Health

Are your male loved ones regularly checking in on their health? With winter on its way and coronavirus the hot health topic of 2020, there is no better time than now to make sure the Kiwi males in your life are looking after their health.

June is Men’s Health Month, an international awareness month that aims to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment in males.

Men who don’t get regular check-ups are putting themselves at higher risks, and given health is such an important topic this year especially, we’ve come up with five easy ways the men in your life can focus on bettering their health.

Take on the Men’s Health Trust challenge: #30daysof60

This year, Men's Health Trust is running the #30daysof60 challenge, to get Kiwis (male and female), involved in shouting about men's health. The task? Setting aside one minute, just 60 seconds, every day for 30 days, for their health. Whether a physical task such as burpees or stretches, or mental well-being tasks such as breathing exercises, meditation or taking a minute to text a friend, the challenge ensures Kiwis take small steps every day to improve their own health.

Make a doctor’s appointment

Regardless of whether you have the winter sniffles or not, regular check-ins with your GP are important. Check in with your family and see when the last time each of them got a general check up at the doctors was, then encourage all to schedule appointments if it has been awhile. Early detection is key with preventable diseases, and the Men’s Health Trust website has a helpful calculator highlighting what you should be getting checked at your GP at what age. Visit the health check calculator here: 

Check what is being put in your body

It’s important to always check what you’re putting in your body as well. Put aside a small amount of time to check body washes, hair care shampoo and conditioners, and any other care products for nasties. Ecostore’s laundry, body care, skincare, baby care and oral care products are cruelty free, and made from naturally derived ingredients, selected because they are safer for your family and their health.

Get moving

It’s well-known the benefits of regular exercise and movement to better your health. Whether it’s as simple as a walk around the blog or a 30-minute cardio session, pick an exercise style you enjoy and do it regularly. Getting the body moving for just 30 minutes every day, is one of the best ways to prevent health diseases and strengthen the body.

Check in on your mental wellbeing

Your mental wellbeing is just as important at keeping a healthy lifestyle as physical wellbeing. Regular check ins to balance your mental state can be done in a multitude of ways. Yoga, guided meditation, journaling, deep breathing exercises and mood tracking via apps such as Mentemia all help support mental strengthening and calming of the mind to live a healthier life.

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John Berry is a Trustee of Men’s Health Trust New Zealand