An Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Celebrating a new baby, whether at a baby shower or by giving a gift to the new parents, has been a key event for many years. These days, many parents, and gift givers, are also very aware of the impact of such events on the planet.

We strive so much more now to give gifts with purpose and impact, rather than contributing to the clutter in other people’s homes. And in the forefront of our minds, we want to give gifts that not only treat our friends (and their babies!) but are also conscious of the impact on the planet we share.

But what gift can you give that has kindness to both the baby and the planet in mind? Here are a few eco-friendly and sustainable baby shower gift ideas to get you started:

Reusable products

These days, there is a wealth of choice when it comes to sustainable and reusable products for babies.

Glass bottles are the perfect alternative to plastic and can be used time and time again, with a long shelf-life.

Reusable pouches can be great for baby food in the solids stage and can be reused for day trips, daycare lunches and being on-the-go with a baby.

You could even gift reusable cloth wipes or cloth nappies that can be washed and used again – two products that traditionally can be pricy because they’re needed for many months.

Rather than giving a gift that can be used once, or for only a short time, consider options that the new parents can use and reuse for years to come. The planet will thank you as much as they will!

Non-toxic toys

From rattles to playmats, they are many toys to suit all budgets that will help to occupy, entertain, and educate a new baby right through to toddlerhood.

Be conscious of the materials that such items might include, and try to opt for products that are free of BPA and chemical ingredients that could potentially be harmful to a new baby and the environment.

Baby gift basket

For a special treat, why not put together a baby shower basket filled with goodies for both the baby and new parent? Our range of gentle products for babies and mothers are an ideal baby shower gift idea or a special treat for a new mum.

With products that cleanse, nourish and help protect precious little ones, these plant and mineral-based products are safer for the delicate skin of even a new baby. Baby Bubble Bath is a perfect addition to any baby shower gift basket. With soothing chamomile and hydrating New Zealand harakeke (native flax) to help protect baby’s skin, it’s infused with lavender essential oil to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

A perfect accompaniment is a gentle Baby Moisturiser. As well as providing a nourishing blend of olive and jojoba oils with shea butter to moisturise baby’s skin and protect from dryness, it can also form part of a beautiful, nurturing bond between parents and their new baby at bath time with a baby massage.

For parents, Ultra Sensitive Hand Wash, with hydrating harakeke, gently cleanses, nourishes and conditions skin. This will become a great go-to for new parents after the many nappy changes and clean ups that life with a new baby brings!

Organic baby wear

Yes, that onesie that caught your eye might be cute and cuddly, but what is it made from, how has the fabric been treated and how was it made?

Check out brands like Wilson & Frenchy with sustainable and ethical production practices and opt for natural, gentle materials free from chemicals that could potentially be harmful to babies. Biodegradable materials such as bamboo, cotton and wool will contribute far less to landfill. Or if you've been looking for a project (or you have a crafty friend who's good on the needles), why not try knitting your own hat or booties for that really personal touch.

Don’t forget the wrapping!

One final way to give gifts more sustainably is to be eco-conscious when it comes to how you wrap and package them. Unnecessary packaging and wrapping are out and the ‘less is more’ approach is in!

Putting together a gift ‘basket’ by reusing a container you already have, or packaging your gift in recycled paper or boxes, is an easy way to have less impact on the planet. At the same time, your gift recipient will love the care and thoughtfulness that you’ve shown in putting together such a well-considered gift.

As we collectively become more aware of our individual impact on the environment, we are learning how our decisions are impacting the world and our next generation. By making choices that are more eco-friendly, we can not only help our world now, but also help to create a more sustainable future for our children.


Mim Jenkinson, mother of two small children, is a digital content creator and the author of “Less Wine, More Time”. Her mission is to help overwhelmed women create empowering habits that lead to a life they love. When she isn’t writing or juggling her energetic kids, Mim spends her time watching reruns of Outlander, reading books and listening to podcasts. Find out more about Mim at her blog, Love from Mim.