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  1. Sustainability Report 2024

    Sustainability Report 2024

    Welcome to our 2024 Sustainability Report, covering the period from April 2019 to March 2022.

    In the spirit of transparency and accountability, our Sustainability Report helps us (and you) understand how we’re tracking, where we’re winning and what work we still have to do. It's easy to navigate and you can use the home icon in the top left corner to jump back to the contents page at any time. View pdf here

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  2. Our packaging

    Our packaging

    Because it plays such a huge part in what we do, packaging is a key area where we work hard to make a difference.

    We’re committed to using renewable, recyclable and refillable packaging for our products, while eliminating as much unnecessary packaging as possible. We work with key packaging partners Forward Plastics NZ, striving to ensure less waste ends up in landfill. To demonstrate our commitment, we’ve signed the ‘New Plastics Economy Global Commitment' by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Read more about how we're reducing and eliminating unnecessary plastic here.

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  3. Performance without compromise

    Performance without compromise

    Our products are independently tested to ensure excellent results and an effective clean, without harmful chemicals. We thoroughly test our products in the lab and in-house to make sure you’ll love them. Continually improving our product formulas is an important part of what we do.

    But don’t just take our word for it… we’ve also been rated as #1 for customer satisfaction by research organisation Canstar Blue for our Laundry Liquid (2019) and Laundry Powder (2019). In 2020, Australian ‘Mouths of Mums’ consumer group gave our Ultra Sensitive Dish Liquid and Laundry Liquid an almost-perfect 9/10.

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  4. Love me or your money back

    Love me or your money back

    Haven't tried our products before? Feel free to give them a go, with our risk free guarantee.

    We hope you love our products – but if there’s anything you don’t like about something you’ve bought from us, we’ll gladly give your money back.

    If you’d like to make a claim, please get in touch at [email protected] or call our customer services team (NZ 0800 33 55 33, AU 1800 236 774). Read below for our full terms and conditions.

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  5. Sugar plastic

    Sugar plastic

    A sweet approach to the plastic problem

    Right now, climate change and plastic pollution are two of the biggest challenges we all face. Recently we’ve noticed that more people are talking about the plastic problem – which is great - because it’s an issue that needs to be tackled.

    Since ecostore started in 1993, we’ve been committed to making products that are safer for people and our world. This philosophy goes hand in hand with ensuring we create packaging that is as sustainable as possible – it’s hugely important to us and we take this responsibility very seriously.

    Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals. The extraction process and conversion into plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. So, a number of years ago we challenged ourselves to find a packaging alternative that is safer for our planet.

    And we found one. It's plastic made from sugarcane.

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  6. Our artists

    Our artists

    Supermarket shelves are home to a dazzling array of brightly coloured products. We like to do things a bit differently at ecostore - like our product formulations, our packaging is simple and elegant. We've created it along with other key aspects of our brand in collaboration with this talented and creative group.

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  7. Our ingredients

    Our ingredients

    Safer for you and our world

    We’re continually innovating to improve our products to achieve the highest health, safety and performance standards. We use trusted international resources such as the EWG Skin Deep® Cosmetic Database to help us assess the safety of every ingredient.

    We're also committed to using sustainable palm oil and palm derivatives.

    Since ecostore began, we’ve had thousands of customers tell us that after using our products their eczema has cleared up, their asthma is getting better, they don’t sneeze when they’re cleaning their home, or their skin rash has gone.

    To find out more about the ingredients we put in our products – and those we leave out – visit our Ingredients Index.

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  8. Our palm oil policy

    Our palm oil policy

    Our commitment to sustainable palm oil

    ecostore is committed to using certified sustainable palm oil as it is a healthier and safer alternative to petrochemicals. It requires significantly less land than coconut for an equivalent yield. Our target is to achieve traceability back to the palm oil mills of our suppliers. While we believe certified sustainable palm oil is the best option for now, we are also keeping a watching brief on alternative developments such as oil derived from algae.

    Our policy on sustainable palm oil can be found on pages 26-31 of our 2018 Sustainability Report

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  9. Safer for you and our world

    Safer for you and our world

    If you want home, body and baby care products that are safer for you, your family and our world - you’ve come to the right place.

    We make it easy to choose safer, effective products to care for your family’s home and health – made with respect for the environment. What’s important to you matters to us too. That’s why our household cleaners, laundry, body care, skincare, baby care and oral care products are cruelty free, and made from naturally derived ingredients, selected because they are safer and more sustainable. Our products are made with care, and designed by our world-class research and development team to be effective. It’s all part of our mission to make the world a safer place, one person, and one home at a time. Will you join us?

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  10. Meet the team

    We’ve been building a team of passionate and skilled people since we started in 1993.

    With feet on the ground on both sides of the Tasman, we have 40 staff in sales and marketing, research and development, and finance and administration, along with over 50 more at our New Zealand based manufacturing facility. And we’re represented in key Asian markets.

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